Spirituality and Faith

Forgiveness heals and the journey starts with forgiving oneself.
Our Creator blessed us with mind and placed it over the heart. Our heart should be governed by mind, not the other way around.
True happiness in life is in finding the Special Gift you have and finding ways and means to use it to improve the lives of others.
Allah made you to be YOU. Stop trying to become someone else.
Don’t fear the death of the body, fear the death of the heart.
Everyone goes to the Creator, Allah. A few before dying, and rest after.
What may be achieved through Love can never be achieved through Hate.
You are here for a reason, a purpose. Find it out, serve it and enjoy the bliss in life.
The deeper inside oneself, one goes, the higher one goes.
Faith begins where the rationality ends.
Give up the power and prestige, and you will have more of it.
Solitude is the first step towards wisdom.
One who receives an act of kindness, should never forget, one who bestows, must never remember.
When we start being grateful for whatever we have, Allah promises to give us more. If nothing else, be grateful for being alive!
Gratitude is the key to happiness, health and success in all realms of our life.
Forgiveness is a prime factor in emotional & spiritual well-being. We need to forgive not for others, but for our own peace and inner harmony.
God’s land and its creation can only will governed by God’s Law.
Anyone can believe what eyes show, believing what’s not seen, is faith.
You are a miracle of nature and must nourish yourself with something that is natural.
If you have faith enough to continue seeing what’s not there yet, it will ultimately come to reality.
Belief and Faith are not the same. Belief is a function of mind, whereas Faith is much more powerful and is a function of soul.
Nature talks to those, who listen.
If one claims ownership of one’s wealth, his end is like Korah. And if he claims sovereignty on the land of God, his end is like
Each and everyone of us is special and unique creation of Allah. Success is finding that SPECIAL in us and building our lives around it.
There is always a tomorrow, for those who have faith!
After having Allah’s guidance on a matter, don’t just stand there, start walking! That is the real test of FAITH.
If spending 2-hours with nature can heal the body (it’s a research finding), what if we lived with nature 24-7!
No message endures, but the divine message.
The Divine Guideline: “Are those who know equal to those who know not?” and the best of democracy: “One Person, One Vote”.
You have but only one heart. Let it be filled with only one Love, the love of the Creator.
Who can be against you if you have God with you!
Createe cannot change the Creator. Same way the one who is a product of a system cannot change the system who created him.
The problem with all the sciences is that in reply to “WHY”, they show “HOW”. It is when they find “WHY”, that they would discover Allah.
We must know that all the misfortunes and calamities comes from God and only God can save us from those, then why to fear!
Without faith, there is no freedom.
We have been sent as custodians, and not the owners of this world. If we could just understand this, many problems will solve automatically.
Faith and fear cannot live in the same heart. FAITH or FEAR…..choice is yours.
Imagine a world without depression, stress, worries and fears. It is only possible with faith.
There can never be peace without God.
The one without faith will always be lonely, regardless of number of friends.
When faith grows, miracles grow, too.
Faith and fear cannot live together, in the same heart.
Miracles happen every minute……..and faith is the eye that sees it.
Nothing frees a man from fear better than FAITH. Taste it.
Nothing great in this world is ever achieved without THINKING. It is that Divine trait that separates success from failure.
The science that teaches the art of right beliefs, is called FAITH.
To be at ease, with self and others is only possible, if we have right beliefs about self and others.
Fear and worries end where FAITH begins.
Those who happily leave everything in God’s hand, will eventually see God’s hand in everything.
People have different TRUTHS, mainly because they are at a different level of UNDERSTANDING. At the same level, there is only ONE TRUTH.
Freedom to choose is the basic human right that God has bestowed on people.
Tests and trials are God’s way of teaching you something NEW. They will seize, when you learn what God wants you to learn.
Ungratefulness is the major reason for blessings and good fortunate to go away.
Charity is the best insurance policy to safeguard anything. There is a charity of everything….and the charity of the body is fasting.
There is nothing which can give hope more than faith.
Nature never cheats. It always warns. Its the people who sometimes ignore the warnings.
There is only one thing that can get people and societies out of slavery and that’s faith.
I have no doubt that we are empowered by God to do anything. The only thing that we have to decide however, is: “Is it worth the cost?”
Everything changes and is uncertain…but the Laws of God. Living with these LAWS is the safest bet in these times.
We are here to serve some higher objective, not merely ourselves…….is the cornerstone of all spiritual sciences.
The spirituality is the quest of knowing our true selves, and discovering the meaning and purpose of our life.
Faith frees man from the fear. Taste it.
Thinking and pondering over is divine and one of the most desired traits of human beings. Save 30 minutes every night for this.
Spiritual death leads to emotional, mental and physical death.
Giving gives more to the giver than the receiver.
Belief without knowledge will always end up in a chaos.
Remember God in good times, so He also remembers you in bad times.
We can choose not to live with the laws of nature………but then we pay the penalty.
Nothing happens without a belief…..its a first step.
The greatest gift of faith is to free man from the fear………just imagine if there was no worries, no fear in your life.
Only he who has power to punish can choose to forgive.
People turn away blessings of God, by their thanklessness. Everyday, find at least 10 reasons to be be grateful to God.
Living without faith is not a choice. People without faith at minimum, are lonely, stressed, depressed, regretful, and worried.
No one can truly forgive without faith. The word “for give” means “to give for……..someone”, i.e. God.
Man is not capable of invention, but can discover.
He, who has found himself, will find God.
Our relationship with God is reflected through how we relate with this world and people in it.
Heart is not an organ only. It also provides guidance system. Call it a conscience, a gut feeling or voice of God. Listen to it.
It is in the service of others, that we are served.
Be grateful on what you have before asking for more from God.
God’s Promise: He will not change anyone’s fate or condition, unless they change it themselves by changing their inner beliefs.
If you need more love, love more, if you need more respect, respect more, if you need more money, give more of it.
Law of the God: Give more, spend more, and save little of what you need more…….and you will have more.
The Law of the this World: Collect more, save more, and protect what you have, and you will have more.
Same way, God feel disgusted, if we instead of asking HIM, ask any other, who is no better or worse than us.
Wouldn’t you feel disgusted, if your deputy, instead of coming to you, chose someone else to share one’s problems and ask for living!
As God’s DEPUTY on this planet, it is our obligation to look good, to behave, to be confident, to inspire others…..and never let HIM down.
God is more desperate for your success than you could realize. Who would like His DEPUTY to fail!
To learn from nature, we must learn to keep silent.
Remember God in good times, so He remembers you in bad times.
Allah want mankind to live free of worries. That’s why HE gave us rescue from two major fears of mankind…the fear of loss of life and the fear of loss of sustenance.
How powerful one feels by being the deputy of an institution or a country! Remember that humans are the DEPUTIES of God.
Every message has a limit of time. Only Laws of Nature are timeless. They are here to stay, forever.
“QURAN”….. is the Instructions Manual of the MAN, for the MAN, authored by Prophet Muhammad, on the dictation of Manufacturer, ALLAH.
No body can know how to get the best out of a product but, the one who manufactured it.
Every product comes with Instructions Manual. The purpose….to tell the owner how to get the best out of it and to avoid ruining it.
Second largest is the fear of losing sustenance. Remember God is responsible for providing this to everyone.
Number one fear is the fear of death. Remember that you will never die before your time.
Our common purpose is to continuously enhance the quality of our own life as well as those of our loved ones and of the society as a whole.
Laws of nature are here to stay, we can bang our heads against them, but would never break into those.
We can never stay at peace while doing things against laws of nature. Our job is to know and accept this truth of life.
Know the truth that you were created as the best creation, with God Himself breathing into you His spirit.
God Almighty has given each and every one of us equal but different opportunities to be successful.
Just imagine how powerful we are, if we understand and act as the deputies of GOD, here on this planet.
People today, tend to trust media more than they trust God.
The main problem with people today: they believe in God, but they don’t believe in what He says.
One can never be at peace by resisting Laws of Nature. Surrender to them and see the magic.
We are the DEPUTIES of God. Ever wonder why people hire Deputies!
People without faith are buildings without foundation.
Live with God and you are never lonely.
An Important Law of Nature: The more we need something for ourselves, the more we must give it to others.
The secret of having is in giving.
What we give to others come back many folds. Give only what you want for yourself.
Give love to have love. Give hatred to have hatred.
Only those die rich, who live poor.
Things and people that endure are those who don’t exist for themselves.
The real abundance is giving more than receiving.
Giving enhances self-esteem. If you cannot “give” try “forgiving”.
Every thing we give to others comes back many times. Instead of giving shouting, hatred, criticism, and curse, let’s build our wealth by giving love, respect, praise and blessings to everyone we see.
Being a deputy of a senior officer makes people feel so powerful. It changes the way people dress-up, the way they walk, the way they talk. It changes everything. How powerful one would feel, being a deputy of God? Yes, we are deputies of God.
Belief without knowledge will always end up in a chaos.
To learn from nature, we must learn to keep silent.
Allah! The only friend with no personal interests.
Remember Him in good times, so He also remembers you in bad times.
Thirty minutes meditation will keep you away from medication.
It is not the God, we are responsible for our miseries.
There is no true peace without God.
You get blessed when you refuse to share your feelings, hurts and complaints with anybody, but God.
A golden secret of having: GIVE
Our ability to think and make choices differentiates us from other creatures. We can choose good over bad, right over wrong.
We need to know that we were created as the best creation, with God Himself breathing into us His spirit.
And our body, mind, heart and soul can be in harmony only if we surrender ourselves to the wishes of God.
True peace is only possible if our body, mind, heart and soul is in harmony.