July 19, 2020

Personal and Family Finance

Lacking financial literacy and not knowing how to manage one’s personal finances (budgets, spending, savings, and investments) carries a high cost, and every year individuals and families lose trillions due to lack of financial knowledge.

We all know money is important in life. But how important? In fact, the financial decisions you make today may have a lasting effect on your future and the future of the family. Despite of its unprecedented importance in one’s life, unfortunately, this subject is not taught anywhere for obvious reasons and individuals and families keep on wasting their hard-earned money.

Faiez is a public economist and has been advising individuals and families in saving and growing their hard-earned money, for decades. He has been saving his clients billions with his timely forecasting of economic trends such as economic recessions, devaluations, inflations, etc. Rather than feeling anxious about money, you can feel empowered by learning how to make smart money decisions. Faiez can coach you around how to spend and save your money wisely, investing in safe opportunities and the days ahead. Learning key financial concepts around budgeting, taxes, credit, and money management will boost your confidence, health, and wealth.