July 19, 2020

Holistic and Sustainable Living

It’s a crazy, busy world we live in, and it seems to be getting more hectic as time goes on. With all of the devices, technology, and media available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The reason people may feel averse to the fast pace of the modern world is that it’s entirely different from the rhythm of the natural world and our natural instincts.

Faiez, like many others around him, was also overwhelmed by consumerism, doomed to live a life of unsatisfying purchases, and surrounded by like-minded people. He gladly followed the crowd to fit in, but behind closed doors, he dreamed of a life where how much he made, where and how he lived, what he purchased and what he drove, what brand of clothes and personal accessories he wore didn’t matter. Finally, it was 2010, when he traded in a life of possession, obsession, disease, consumerism, for a serene and peaceful life by adopting a suburban lifestyle.

When you live with nature, everything seems to be moving at such a soothing, even pace. Just as Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese philosopher, and writer would say, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” Yet if you look to around, you’ll find quite the opposite in our society. Some people tend to be so impatient, wanting everything immediately, or else disappointment and dissatisfaction sets in. For many of us, that’s not the kind of life we want to live. Going back to basics through simplifying your life is one of the ways we can empower ourselves and not get caught up in the rat race.

Ten years later, all those consumer-driven people, he left behind, now look towards him for guidance, coaching, mentoring and demonstration of how to do it and what does it mean to be living a life, which is frugal, simpler, cleaner, greener, natural, healthier, sustainable, and much peaceful.

Holistic and Living refers to the lifestyle choices consciously taken by individuals in order to create and sustain an environment that leads to health, financial independence, happiness, and harmony. The ‘holistic’ aspect of the equation suggests keeping in mind a variety of pertinent factors involved which have a significant impact on gaining results that last permanently. The concept simply put is that through reviving one’s spirit, nourishing one’s body, rejuvenating one’s mind, and cleansing one’s heart can we truly achieve a holistic life. An elaboration of the four categories brings us to an individual’s life purpose, self-esteem, social relationships, financial independence, home environment, work satisfaction, play and leisure, and much more which is put into consideration whilst in the quest for a holistic lifestyle.