February 22, 2017

Holistic Health and Wellness

Success and love mean nothing when a man is hanging on his thread of life, trying to breathe through another day, or lying at the hand of disease unknowingly what tomorrow will bring to him. Health has deteriorated at a preposterous speed over the past decade making disease and illness a commonality people have begun to accept as a norm. Despite a rise in medicinal facilities and professionals working day and night to curb the inevitable doom of human wellness, we only see individuals completely handicapped because of the most minute to the most fatal and deadly of diseases.

Health and wellness are gradually becoming a dire need of the changing times as the prime and foremost concern in the quest for positive living, so we may be able to enjoy life’s other treasures as well if we have a quality life to live. Faiez  has dedicated an entire platform to treat, prevent and spread awareness about all sorts of diseases and illnesses through its monumental 360-degree approach to wellness (now referred to as Holistic Health Model) which has facilitated the complete treatment of giants like cancer, depression, infertility, obesity, arthritis, heart disease, anxiety, migraines and many more. Concerns of natural pregnancies, stress and anxiety, emotional and psychological issues, spiritual healing, healthy eating, attention deficiency, prevention of disease, healthy living and more, are met through Hijama (cupping) therapy session, personal counseling, residential health retreats, group therapy training and short educational programs.