February 22, 2017

Family, Children, and Homeschooling

Though often overlooked amidst the race for more money, more fame and more power, Faiez noticed a peculiar state of affairs in the pattern of problems presented to him as case studies and individual counseling matters through his decades dedicated to influencing the lives of others – relationship issues were on the rise and causing havoc in all other professional and personal realms. At this time he wrote his sensational ‘Together Forever’ which later became as the essential guide for all couples, those who had only just begun their journey of marriage, or those fighting and crying for years to have only now found some understanding of the most common problems that do crop up, and need to be attended to before they rip the couple apart.

Faiez conducts outstanding coaching sessions and programs for unmarried, newly-married, and old couples to make the best of a partnership which should be the root cause behind health, happiness, success, achievement, and success but becomes only a reason of death, depression, and destruction because of the ignorance attached to its significance. Most commonly wondered concerns such as who to marry; how to marry; when to marry; pre-marriage requirements; post-marriage understanding; gender-based differences; loving till death do us part; growing old together; stronger and happier with time, so on and so forth are Faiez’s forte through which he has improved the lives of hundreds of thousands to make the best of this beautiful union.

In addition to the spouse, understanding, and alignment of children with the family’s or the parents’ vision and values, is also critical to the overall success of a family. Parenting, hence, is a subject we pay high regard to and focus on with all our heart and soul, to pave the way for a successful family and a brighter future generally.

Through a diverse range of workshops and seminars such as Managing Generation Y and Z, Parenting for Fast and Furious, Nurturing Future Leaders, Family Videotainment, FunCamps, Heaven on Earth, Positive Living in a Joint Family System and a complete series of programs in Homeschooling, Faiez aims to bring about harmony and unity across generations to reach the pinnacle of positive and happy living. The most common issues nowadays that parents and children face are communication gaps; generation differences; the growing influence of peers and the media; self-esteem problems; the effects of technology on the younger generation; clean and productive entertainment; mapping out life goals etc.