February 22, 2017

Career, Success, and Entrepreneurship

Faiez Hassan Seyal is a renowned name in the pursuit of success and establishment of career for hundreds of thousands of individuals throughout the globe who have benefited immensely through his one-on-one coaching, lectures, programs, workshops, audiobooks, and best-seller self-help books such as ‘The Road to Success’ and ‘Born Again’.

Queries and concerns which surround the notion of the personal definitions of success; the most beneficial and appropriate career and business choices per an individual’s personal strengths and weaknesses; entrepreneurial choices, the attainment of success to rise above the competition; the diverse aspects of success and how to aid one’s quest of excellence; the journey of self discovery; professional decorum and demeanor to upload for making a mark in your workplace; instilling leadership qualities within oneself; most effective management techniques; are some of the many more sub-topics of career and success which he caters to so as to introduce his clients and participants to a greater outlook and nuanced perspective of the possibilities a man can achieve.