Faiez is your confidential partner, providing an objective ear, honest feedback, and an understanding of how to help you find and reach your personal and professional goals. Faiez will provide you perspective; help you think about your opportunities in new ways, ask the right questions, help you identify your limiting beliefs, and suggest strategies to transform your life.

Faiez Seyal is a passionate coach who has personally coached thousands of individuals on matters of marriages, relationship, career, business opportunities, entrepreneurship, personal and family finance, business revival, health and wellness, personal development, parenting, psychological trauma, chronic diseases, and many more pinching issues of daily life.

Coaching sessions with Faiez are strictly confidential, allowing both Faiez and the client in engaging in honest conversations surrounding deeper issues that the client has kept buried inside his subconscious which later creep into his conscious life without his intention or will. Such interactions allow the client to enter into a mutually trusting relationship with Faiez, therefore, assisting the process of change and growth.

Faiez’s outstanding strength of foresight and critical analysis enables him to convert a mere hour-long coaching session into a life-changing moment for his clients by showing a nuanced perspective to his problems and providing solutions that are practical and possible.

Faiez can literally advise you in any area of life, however, his majority of life coaching have been in the following six (6) areas of life:

Career and Business

Career Selection Choices
Growth Mindset
Entrepreneurial Choices
Business Growth and Success
Business Transformation

Love and Relationships

Marriage Selection and Spouse
From Intimacy to Companionship
Managing Relationships
Balancing Friends and Family
Managing Kinship and In-laws

Wealth and Lifestyle

Personal Finance and Budgeting
Saving, Investments
Creating Wealth
Managing Life Priorities
Lifestyle Choices

Productivity and Performance

Learning and Growth
Focus and Commitment
Discipline and Organization
Thinking and Decision Making
Managing Priorities

Children and Parenting

Understanding Generation Gap
Parenting Challenges
Parent-Children Relations
Managing Tweens and Teens
Children Education

Health, Wellness, and Vitality

Mental Health Challenges
Work-life Balance
Food, Exercise and Fitness
Self Healing
Natural and Organic Living

All of Faiez’s coaching services are completely customized for your situation – taking into consideration a number of variables. Depending on the situation, some coaching sessions might be face-to-face and/or online.

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