Family and Relationships

Nothing kills a relationship faster than Ego. Its better to lose an argument than losing a relationship. Forgiveness is hard but what’s even harder is asking for it. My mother told me that homeless people dine outside. When I asked who are the homeless. She replied who have none to love and cook for them.[…]

Politics and Governance

No need to destroy a civilization, nation, organization or a family. Just stop people of learning their history and it destroys itself. Democracy is a form of governance, in which quantity rules, not the quality. Battles are fought with ideologies not with people. Media today shapes people preferences, perceptions opinions, and ideals. No one can[…]

Leadership and Change

Never mistake power, position or the status based respect with the “true” respect. True respect even stays when everything else is gone. Be willing to leave “OLD”, to have something “NEW” Denial and refute of the current is an integral prerequisite to change. La illa ha Illalla (there is no god, but God). I wonder[…]

Spirituality and Faith

Forgiveness heals and the journey starts with forgiving oneself. Our Creator blessed us with mind and placed it over the heart. Our heart should be governed by mind, not the other way around. True happiness in life is in finding the Special Gift you have and finding ways and means to use it to improve[…]

Character and Morality

Since no one can ever conceal the truth, there are powers which have successfully covered the eyes, which could see the truth. Let’s not our opinions and personal biases cloud our minds. What IS “right” and what SEEMS “right” are two different things. Evil never kills evil. Two wrongs will never make things right. What[…]

Education and Learning

A child’s education is the most critical job of mothers and later for both parents and never be out-sourced. Knowledge is the only asset which raises one on other. Knowledge is an addiction, the more you get, the more you want. The real educated person is he who has learnt how to learn and keep[…]

Love and Marriage

You don’t find your soulmate, you just manifest it in your life. Life partners ask each other’s feelings, soulmates feel the feelings. Allah created man and woman as “one”, and later split them into two……so take care of each other. Save your women from ill health and early physical deterioration by giving them a worthwhile[…]

Health and Wellness

Fill your body with junk, and it becomes nothing else but junk. The first step towards a healthy Body is a healthy Soul. Looking at the packed dining places today, I think there are far too many homeless people today, than 30 years back. There has been an exponential growth in two industries in the[…]

Business Tips

Customer service is 90% attitude and 10% skill. In customer service, as in life, what you give to others comes back. Give your customers what you want back. Customer Intimacy” begins from the inside and works its way to the outside, not the other way around. The successful selling is that which leaves the seller[…]

Life and Living

Nothing kills success quicker than complacency. Great minds discuss ideas, not people. Life is not to be perceived in absolute terms. What seems true may not be. There are many shades of grey in between. Instead of fighting the inevitable, use your energy in doing what you can control. There are things in life, you[…]