Politics and Governance

No need to destroy a civilization, nation, organization or a family. Just stop people of learning their history and it destroys itself.
Democracy is a form of governance, in which quantity rules, not the quality.
Battles are fought with ideologies not with people.
Media today shapes people preferences, perceptions opinions, and ideals. No one can be truly “free”, without combating these prejudices.
A state with a few rigorously enforced laws is better governed than the the one with several loosely enforced laws.
The modern day slavery is not about controlling people physically, but rather controlling them mentally and emotionally.
Its easy to fool people than to convince them that they are being fooled.
The age of deceit! Where unhealthy food is healthy, nudity is beauty, poverty is riches, disease is health and ignorance sells as education.
Slavery in the Present Times: Work, Buy, Consume and Die.
The Dilemma of Life: 8 Hours work, 8 Hours Rest, and 8 Hours Entertainment…….and the Life Ends.
Words can’t change the world, actions can.
Societies and Nations are reflection of people they are made of. Nation building is futile without developing people.
21st Century Consumerism – Consumption to the level of being consumed.
Capitalism promotes consumerism…..from cradle to grave.
The best of capitalism – Better healthcare but poor health, more educational institutes but higher ignorance, more food but more hunger, more weapons and more wars, more banks and more debt, more free media and lesser truth, and more clergy but weaker faith.
Capitalism gives you enough to stay alive, but not much to be free.
Welcome to a new, strange world, where internet is a basic “right” and portable water is a “privilege”.
Pharaohs as people are long gone, but as a phenomenon, still exist.
Slogans don’t change nations. Character does.
Those in power today throughout the world are powerless. They are slaves, not masters.
Only change of faces will not solve issues, our world is facing. It is the paradigm change that we require.
It is almost impossible for leaders to rebel or change the system which brought them in power.
The world will have peace when we realize that love is more effective than hatred and feeding the enemy is far less expensive than fighting.
Street power is more powerful than democracy. A few hundreds can do what those elected by millions cannot even imagine.
Nothing in this world is ever achieved with hatred. It is the love that wins over the hearts and minds of people and nations.
Freedom without self-control is animal instinct.
Ask yourself if you are truly FREE. No, you are not. There are hiden powers around you who make you do what you do.
Till the beginning of 20th century, those who were slave knew it and fought against it. Today they dont even realize that they are slaves.
Slavery of mind is a bigger vice than slavery of body. Majority of people are in this kind of slavery, today.
He who controls the media, controls the people.
Media is the new kingsmaker…..and the runner up is the private education mafia.
There has been a clear power shift in the past 100 years from clergy to landlords to industrialists and now to media.
The more evil is talked about or seen, the more evil gets attracted. This is a simple Law. Today’s media is doing exactly the same.
Ever wondered what would happen to the modern banking system, if all the depositors asked their money back at the same time!
People who have the money and then lend it to others make more than they spend. Whereas those who borrows spend more than they make.
The new name of capitalism is creditism, I believe. There is no capital left. People spend out of credit.
Instead of people owning money, the money has started owning people. Another gift of capitalism.
The one who lives on others’ money, can never have his own voice.
He is the most powerful, who has nothing to lose.
Capitalism thrives on creating fear of uncertainties and calamities. Take away the fear factor and it will collapse. Faith is the solution.
We are a product of what went on around and inside us and around and inside earlier generations.
Inflation happens when there is more money in the economy than the products.
Increased street crimes, corruption and kidnapping for ransom are natural outcomes of hyper inflation.
Politics and integrity cannot go together.
The major economic issue of today is that people want to consume today of what they may earn tomorrow and guess who takes the advantage. Creditor, the one who consumes less than what he earns.
Mental slavery is the worst form of slavery. It happens when slaves’ minds are in control of masters. So there is no chance for revolt. The whole world is entrapped in mental slavery, today.
Both capitalism and socialism are unnatural. In addition to many vices, both kills motivation for working harder.
In early 20th century, slave nations knew they were slave…so they waged freedom movements and finally got it. Irony is that even today, they are slaves but don’t realize it…and so there is no chance for freedom.
There are about 60 Muslims States today, but no Islamic State.
There are billions of Muslims in the world, but nowhere Islam.
There is nothing wrong with Islam, but almost everything wrong with Muslims, today.
When evolution is curtailed for long, revolution happens.
Democracy, a weapon of rich against poor.
The one who is not alike masses, does not deserve to be their leader.
The rich needs abundant poors ….and they will do anything for making it happen.
The most effective way to avoid war is to stay ready for it.
When independence is restrained through power, it can be restored through power…..but when it’s given up voluntarily, it cant be restored.
Today’s TRUTH is what media believes and shows us to be TRUTH.
Politics is about “Right” and “Left” and not about “Right” and “Wrong”.
The one who controls the media, controls the mind of people.
Character of a person is not determined through votes.
A good politician is a gifted actor.
Democracy is the process where people don’t vote for, but rather against somebody.
Democracy lets you vote the person, you hate least.
Everyone who presents himself for a public office, should automatically be disqualified.
Right and Wrong does not need a show of hands.
Politics is an industry, where masses work for masters free of cost.
There is almost always a trade-off between “principles” and “growth” and capitalist is the one who trades principles for growth.
Nations get leaders they deserve. Be the change to see change.
God is Sovereign or the state. An important question to answer for today’s “so-called” democracies!
It seems that we have not learnt much from the history. Today, many nations have traits that prompted failure of many civilizations.
In democracy, the one who is a master, becomes a slave.
A nation gets the leaders it deserves. Without changing the mindset of masses, changing governments will change nothing, but the faces.
What works for rulers is that people don’t think…..So they do their utmost to not let hem think.
Privileged are almost always averse to Change. Don’t expect much from them.
Fear the person, who has nothing to lose.
We are neither fully dependent nor independent, but interdependent in this world. Whatever we do affects others.
As long as there are ignorant people who could be exploited, there would always be exploiters.