Love and Marriage

You don’t find your soulmate, you just manifest it in your life.
Life partners ask each other’s feelings, soulmates feel the feelings.
Allah created man and woman as “one”, and later split them into two……so take care of each other.
Save your women from ill health and early physical deterioration by giving them a worthwhile purpose of life, to live.
Marriage of bad times, survives through ups and downs of life, but marriages of good times are fragile enough to stay intact in bad times.
Finding the RIGHT spouse is just the beginning of marriage. The real challenge is creating a RIGHT relationship.
Dont’ find love. It’s natural and is everywhere. Find and remove the barrier inside you, that is in the way of you feeling it.
There is no such thing like love at first sight, that is infatuation. True love takes time to build and grow over years………..
Love heals the both, the giver as well as the receiver.
Marriage is a foundation of a healthy society. We must save the institution of marriage to save the society.
Love heals the both, the giver and the receiver.
More love you want, more you must give.
Common things makes a relationship enjoyable, it’s our differences that makes it interesting.
The main problem in marriages is that we keep our eyes closed before and wide-open after.
The contribution you have made in each other’s growth is the only bond that can keep the relationship going after the honeymoon is over.
Working towards a common purpose of life is a glue that keeps both partners together forever.
The real love comes when you start respecting someone for who one is, not what one has.
Love is not living for someone, it is living with someone.
The problem with most of the people is that they perform weddings, not marriages.
You are never lonely if you love the person you are lonely with.