Leadership and Change

Never mistake power, position or the status based respect with the “true” respect. True respect even stays when everything else is gone.
Be willing to leave “OLD”, to have something “NEW”
Denial and refute of the current is an integral prerequisite to change. La illa ha Illalla (there is no god, but God).
I wonder how could people possibly think out of box”, when they live in a box (apartment) and work in another (office cubicle).
Leaders today are the misleaders. They follow nothing but an opinion, they know nothing but guess.
Leaders corrupt system and then system corrupts everyone.
The reputation of the greatest of people in the world is not dependent on what losers may think of them.
Nations get leaders, they deserve. Better the people, better the leaders.
Change is an inside out phenomenon. Once you change, your world will change.
Change or be ready to be changed. Its an unalterable Law of Nature.
Other traits are important to leadership but in the absence of integrity they just dont go on for long. Anything multiplied with a 0, is 0.
Integrity is the most important trait of Leadership. Without integrity there is neither Leader nor Leadership.
Its very unfortunate that he passed away before writing the 9th Habit.
Leadership is about obligations and not mere privileges….and the one who knows it, will always escape it.
If we focused on developing good servants instead of leaders, we would be much better off……and end up having better leaders, too.
One who cannot serve, cannot and should not be allowed to lead.
A leader has to be a member of the group first, before being chosen to lead the group.
Leaders speak whey they NEED, not when they WANT.
Higher positions bring more responsibility and accountability, not merely more priviliges. An important aspect that is often neglected.
Resistance to Change is natural. Remember that Denial is the first response to Change.
Never ever underestimate the power of “ONE”, either for good or for worse.
Change always starts from within and works its way outside.
Change is inevitable. You can choose however, to either be the champion or the victim of change.
Leadership is about SERVING THE MANKIND. More you serve, better leader you become.
Never underestimate the power each one of us has…the power of change…..change anything…..we are the CEO of our own life.
Nations get the leaders they deserve.
One does not have to be a president to make the difference.
Change is not a choice, WHEN and HOW is!
Change before you must. If you change, when you must, you may not reap the benefits of the change.
The highest price of change is paid by the one, who are most privileged. Don’t’ expect much from them.
People in fact do not dislike Change. They dislike being Changed.
Proactive people, organizations and societies would change, before they have to.
Reactive people and societies change only when the cost of NO Change exceeds the Price of Change.
Your job is to change yourself only, dont worry about others.
People do not hate “change”. They hate “to be changed”.
Every one has to change, some sooner, some later.
People and organizations change when the cost of no change is greater than the price of change.
People resist change because they are ignorant of the cost of no-change.
Be the change to bring change.
Change yourself, and your world will change.
In these times, either we are quick or dead.
Leader’s character is a reflection of its people character. Make a wise choice.
Nations shall have the leaders they deserve.
National character is just a sum of its individuals’ character.
As long as there are ignorant people who could be exploited, there would always be exploiters.
One does not have to be a president to make the difference.