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Sumeera Noreen – Anorexia
Coming from the UK, having exhausted multiple forms of treatment for a psychological mental disorder-none of which had lasting results, I felt very skeptical I would find a cure here in Pakistan. But Alhumdulillah, with the Mercy of Allah, I came across “Blessings”. I have been staying as a guest for over 3 months and the amazing difference I have felt during this time has truly been life changing. I feel I have improved greatly – the biggest difference being my mental and spiritual states which were very weak before coming here. Having the revelation of what the power of positive thinking and positive energy can actually achieve has been greatly inspiring and amazing. My attitude is a lot more positive in wanting recovery and a better life for myself, now having understood the basic laws and principles of life by attending the Verita workshops. Alhumdulillah, I feel more at peace than I have had since the last 4 years in treatment in the UK. The serenity and the calmness of this environment, coupled with the positive energy and harmonious lifestyle here have had an incredible healing effect on me. I am able to concentrate on my prayers more and connect with Allah – the vital thing that was missing in my heart, allowing me to realize the blessings He has bestowed upon me – giving me happiness and peace. I feel fresher and more positive and have a lot more stamina and energy than I have had in a long time. My physical state has also improved without the need of any medical aid now. All these positive effects have happened because of one thing: my stronger relationship with Allah, which would never have been created had I not come to “Blessings”. I hope that these changes continue when I return back home to the UK. I have very much enjoyed being here and it has helped me a tremendous amount, which no amount of psychological therapy in London would have ever fixed!
Saood Sadiq – Obesity
A very energetic and a good learner who came to Verita with an abnormal weight and could dream of becoming a smart man. Verita showed a different perspective of life and motivated him that he could lose his weight easily. He took that challenge and give his life a chance to bring a miracle in his life. He did it unbelievably without having any external pressures.
Sidra Muzammil – Infertility
Sidra who was a working lady was declared as an infertility case and was hopeless to have a child in her life. Allah showed her the path of Verita and she got to know that everything has a price in this Universe and she discovered more to resolve this mystery, meanwhile Allah gave her gladness to let her feel again to be a parent and she continued discovering her life until she got a baby.
Shazia Hayat – a Severe Backache
Shazia Hayat one of our beloved participants was suffering from a severe backache, she was not able to sit or stand properly, she got many answers of her life and her sufferings from Verita and miraculously without taking any medication she started getting better and now she is so well that she can fulfill her duty as a wife and mother very well.
Saira Sohail – Blood Pressure
She had a regular checkup of Blood Pressure every month and spend a lot of money on all these to run her life. She was so habitual of it that she started thinking it as a part of her life. Then life gave her a chance and she came to Verita, she got to know that there is another side of a life which is still not discovered and when she got to know all that she started cutting down her bills from blood pressure medicines and at last totally cured of this horrible partner.
Aisha Javed – Migraine
I had the opportunity to affiliate myself with the nature in this program and feel how pure the world created by Allah really is. I personally felt the difference when the concentration in my prayers increased and I didn’t have to use my migraine medicine which I had to use regularly otherwise.
Mujtaba Hassan – Speech Disorder
Since childhood, I suffered from a speech disorder which meant I would stammer while talking to people and hence, find it incredibly hard to have a normal conversation. Due to this, I would face unbearable anxiety and started feeling a rapid decline in my confidence around individuals. Despite the difficulties I was experiencing, I still have faith in Allah and believed that if He put me to it, He would put me through it. I waited for that special power I would be gifted in return for having this problem, because after all, if He takes away one thing, He gives a better one in return. Constantly talking myself out of the anxiety and depression, I tried my level best to overcome the issue, even resorting to medical treatment based on the advice of doctors. The medical treatment did more bad than good because of the terrible side effects I have started undergoing. In the midst of this all horror, I found out about Sir Faiez Hassan from a friend of mine who lent me his book ‘The Road to Success’. That book changed my life as it brought me to this life-changing institute – Verita. After calling in and talking to the Verita Team about my speech problem, they suggested I attend an upcoming residential workshop. That was it. One workshop and I got the solution to all the problems I had ever faced – self-esteem, confidence in speaking, the importance of talking out your problems rather than keeping them in and much more. After that one workshop, I got a job in Mobilink as a Customer Care Representative (CCR). Imagine, someone suffering from a speech disorder all his life, and now I stand at the 2nd position in my team. I cannot thank the Verita Team enough for changing my life, especially Sir Faiez and Ma’am Roshina. Thank you because I feel I have been born again!
13 years old allergy cured.. 22 KG weight lost
Healing Decades-Long Migraine
Gulshan Awais from Sialkot attended Back to Basics in 2015, she says this was the best experience of her life as she learnt about success, happiness, relationships and most importantly, about health. Health was a pillar missing from Gulshan’s life since years, as she used to have 3 to 4 attacks of severe migraine, every month. Gulshan goes onto say, “during the course of this program, all participants were staying in the Verita training resort, where another such episode was about to arise, but the team jumped in with a strategy that did not only curb the pain at the spot but helped me deal with this paralyzing issue henceforth in my everyday routine, as well.
Healing Decades-Long Food Allergy
In 2014, Mr. Aftab Ahmad joined our life-changing, residential program ‘Back to Basics’ all the way from Chitral to experience a pure, natural and organic lifestyle. Since childhood, Aftab suffered from a severe milk allergy. Even an ounce of milk would cause Aftab’s skin to go red and make it incredibly difficult for him to breathe properly. Upon our visit to the Dera on one of the four days Aftab stayed with us, all participants were encouraged to drink freshly extracted milk from the cows for a refreshing taste. Aftab took the risk and drank an entire glass, only to find no sign of any allergy after decades of milk intolerance. After this astonishing discovery, Aftab said, “If my mother found out that I had just drunk an entire cup of milk and not experienced any health issue whatsoever following that, she would die but not believe me.
Healing Prostate
Another success story of the numerous God has gifted Verita with, is of a participant named Ali Khan who joined us in ‘Back to Basics (2014)’ from Lahore. Before stumbling across our advertisement on Facebook, he had booked an appointment with his doctor to get his prostate operated on due to several years of health concerns related to it. After spending four days with Verita and acquainting himself with the organic lifestyle Verita promotes, Ali Khan decided to delay the surgery and give this new perspective a shot. Soon enough, his prostrate healed naturally and required no external treatment which he had planned for only days prior to his fortunate discovery of our life-altering the residential program. No surgery, no doctor and natural recovery – everything is possible in God’s natural world. (Note: the name of the participant has been changed to respect his privacy)
Jawad Hussain – Obesity
Sidra Muzammil (Infertility)
Sidra who was a working lady was declared as an infertility case and was hopeless to have a child in her life. Allah showed her the path of Faiez Seyal’s Institute Verita and she got to know that everything has a price in this Universe and she discovered more to resolve this mystery, meanwhile Allah gave her gladness to let her feel again to be a parent and she continued discovering her life until she got a baby.


Amber Talha
Amber Talha, a previous Verita Birth success story, conceived her fourth baby shortly after the miracle of her third son, who came into this world via normal delivery following 2 C-sections. Since Day 1, Amber remembered the joyful and exciting moment when she beat all odds in 2017 and wanted to recreate the memory with another child, except without the tension and pressures of the hospital environment. Therefore, she enrolled herself in our Verità-BIRTH program and hoped for another miracle on the way.However, with every new experience, comes new challenges, so Amber found herself trying to balance the needs of her youngest son, the role of being a mother of 3, and her health in pregnancy. She sought out for support from the Verita Birth Support Group amidst these emotions and stressors and found relief in guidance and empathy from our group of mothers and team members who have also juggled such responsibilities, gracefully. One fine morning, Amber noticed labor pains increasing gradually, so she notified the Verita Birth Team, and reached the Birth clinic shortly after with intense contractions. Only a couple of hours into full blown labor, with moments which seemed to last much longer, and pain which became difficult to bear, Amber courageously marched towards becoming another success story for us. Every present person submitted themselves entirely to the miraculous moment of creating life, from life. With tears of exhaustion to those of victory, Amber gave birth to an angelic baby boy, Khizer Talha, on 11th September 2018.
2 Normal Deliveries after 2 C-sections, Natural is Inevitable!
Dr. Saadia Iqbal
Dr. Saadia Iqbal, a mother of three, via three C-sections, hoped for a hope beyond all odds in the scientific world of medicine and gynecology when she spoke up regarding her dream to deliver naturally. A regular Verita-HEAL participant, she started attending various programs which built up her strength, emotionally, mentally, physically, and most importantly, spiritually, to prepare for the big day since after conception. Above all the C-sections, her youngest daughter was only 1.5 years old, furthering risks involved and declaring her case as an impossible one for normal child-birth. Being a part of the doctor community, Saadia kept moving around her circle of friends and colleagues to look for anyone hoping to see a miracle, but not a single professor or medical doctor agreed to assist her in this, as they would call it, ‘suicide attempt’. Being more determined and persistent in her learnings than anyone else, Saadia stayed adamant on delivering naturally, despite various challenges trying to balance 3 small kids, household chores and her health. With on and off false labor pains, and lack of experience as to what to expect, Saadia kept relying on God’s Might to get her through this fight to prove nature’s power over and above man’s unnecessary intervention. On May 24th, Saadia went through 3 hours of intense labor pains, entering dawn with the biggest miracle yet for the Verità-BIRTH team to witness—a normal, natural delivery without induction, injections or any external help to bring about the most beautiful moment in any woman’s life. She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. As she held this bundle of blessing in her lap, her tears rolled down and all she could do, was thank God Almighty for this wonder.
Dr. Hafsa Haroon
Dr. Hafsa Haroon, a regular Verita participant, was sold to the conventional ideology of medicine and gynecological practice before being introduced to a completely new perspective through the Verità-BIRTH platform. Despite her fear of pain, her lack of exposure to any woman having experienced natural labor anywhere around her, and her medical background supporting C-section as the more convenient, easier and efficient way to go, she started seeing the beauty in nature with benefits and advantages that are entirely immeasurable and last a lifetime, after attending our pregnancy programs. Before meeting the Verità-BIRTH Support Group, she was informed by her doctors that her case was highly unlikely for a normal delivery, but she could choose to wait for God’s help. After an “amazing” session, as she describes it to be, Dr. Hafsa began noticing all hurdles that could be playing a part in the current situation, and a few hours later, her body began showing signs of labor progressing. A week before the Due Date, all of a sudden, she could see her prayers being answered. However, pains that she never knew existed, started overshadowing her desire for a normal delivery, and her Faith in her own ability to have one. We plan, and then God plans. When she lost hope, the doctors notified that her body was a few hours away from natural childbirth and a C-section was no longer possible. On 25h June, baby Shanzay was born, to a woman who had lost hope and belief in her own strength, but God knows His creation better than we know ourselves. Next morning, she noticed the startling difference in her emotional state, health, and happiness from her previous experience of an elective C-section.
Nature shows its power, to those ready to witness it, and Dr. Hafsa was!
Shakila Tabassum
Shakila Tabassum brought fantasy to life with the most exciting, joyous and painless story of her childbirth that we have ever witnessed! A Verità-BIRTH client, Shakila had practiced exercises, diet routines and emotional healing to bring her to the morning of June, 07. With less than an hour long active labor, Shakila barely reached the Verità-BIRTH clinic when she delivered her miraculous baby girl, upon entering the door, ecstatic and completely shook. The labor was so quick that Shakila had to purposefully delay thelabor process, only to be holding her child moments later. Within 30 minutes, freshened up and ready to take the world by storm, baby and mama soaked the morning sunshine amidst tears of happiness and uncontrollable laughter on the amazement God’s natural world offers us. Shakila, now a mother of three, had opted for our program after her second son was born via C-section. Coming in for a VBAC, little did she know what her miracle story would hold. Only 2 days before miracle baby’s birth, Shakila had experienced false pains that reminded her of the last time, when she ended up at the hospital and they took her in for a C-section. It was that moment, when Shakila decided to wait it out this time, that she prepared her body for the wonder that was to follow—a natural, painless labor.
No injection, no intervention, only man and the Creator.
Hanna Faiez
Hanna Seyal had conceived merely 10 months after the birth of our first Verità-BIRTH miracle baby, Zakariyya. Spending most her worry on the small age gap that would be between two kids, Hanna had no idea what trial was to come ahead of her in the months to follow. With a minor bleed in the 8th month, Hanna paid little attention to grave possibilities and continued her busy routine of work, parenting and household chores. Believing that the expected due date (EDD) is only a number and not a deadline, she waited well above till she entered the 42nd week of pregnancy, and experienced shooting pains that caused a heavy bleed along with shredded pieces of placenta. At this point, the midwife held her hands up, and so did every doctor around, knowing placenta previa is impossible to lead to a natural, normal delivery. But, Hanna questioned, how it can be possible that God could put her in a situation without a solution? With close monitoring of baby’s movements, a good intake of food and water, as well as a much-needed blood transfusion, Hanna adamantly marched into labour, with intense pains that lasted all night. As dawn approached, she walked to the Verita-Heal clinic, not knowing what was coming, but knowing that she would climb mountains to gift her baby the joy of natural birth, bonding from day one amidst the pain and suffering that labour brings along. With dates in her mouth, one contraction at a time, Hanna showed patience, perseverance and strength few could bear till her water bag burst and 15 minutes of pushing brought to the world a miracle baby everyone had lost hope for. On Nov 22, a baby girl was born to prove that the most dire circumstances can bring delight when one doesn’t give up on hope and Faith.
Placenta Previa and Normal Delivery? We saw it!
Saba Hamayun
Our honorable Verità-BIRTH client, Mrs. Saba Humayun, became a success story and the mother of a beautiful, miracle princess on June 15, 2017. Already being a mother of two, an 11-year-old son through normal delivery, and a 6-year-old daughter through C-section, Saba was adamant on recreating the joy and bliss of the all natural birthing experience after conceiving, following two unfortunate miscarriages. Since day 1, Saba chose an all-pure, organic approach to her conception and pregnancy, omitting any and all external exposure to injections, medication, tests, and supplements. Instead, she opted for a natural diet to aid the forthcoming most important period of her life, where she would fight against all odds, and prove every doctor who had once told her she will not be able to conceive again, and then, she will never be capable of handling a normal birth, wrong. Mr. and Mrs. Humayun kept themselves closely attached to our group of experts with our doctors, midwife, behavioral experts, support team and practiced a commendable level of Faith, dedication, motivation, strength and commitment till the moment of the miracle when baby Eisha Humayun came into this world. After few episodes of prodromal (false) labour which often ends up in unfortunate trips to the hospital and an eventual induction or C-section, Saba stayed strong to wait for the natural course of labour to take place. In the midst of our natural Maternity Clinic settings, and with a team dedicated to this purpose, Saba did what few women are capable of today, and made a miracle happen. We are proud of you!
Amber Talha
Amber Talha, a mother of two, is a Verita participant who decided to conquer the impossible and prepare herself for a normal, natural delivery despite the odds. Having been told from countless doctors, her family and her friends, that this dream was far from realistic after 2 previous C-Sections and no experience of natural labour, Amber still hopped onto the Verita wagon and practiced the ViBirth model throughout her 9 months of pregnancy in order to prepare her body for what has been considered a one in a million case in medical history. Living and breathing her learnings from Verità-BIRTH, Amber took up the challenge to work on herself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically for a happy pregnancy. In the midst of a team of doctors who pushed her constantly for C-Section by stating facts of risks, Amber held onto her hope and knew she had come a long way in getting ready for this big day. A ViBirth Miracle took place on 8th January, 2017, when after 2 C-Secions, Amber gave birth to a beautiful baby boy through natural, normal and organic delivery. Amber fought hard and succeeded in gifting herself and her child the greatest joy of motherhood. The bond built from a natural delivery and the foundation set in all respects, from health to emotional wellbeing, of the child born naturally, is something to strive for. Amber believed and made the impossible, possible.
Hanna Faiez
A PrimaGravida (first time pregnant), Hanna thought a normal delivery wasn’t a far-fetched dream, however, her hopes and wishes were pushed outside the window as soon as they came out in front of doctors who had been accustomed to C-sections for the smallest complication. Hanna had set to strive for an organic pregnancy since before her conception, spending her days following her usual routine of office work and household chores till entering the 9 month time frame, she had not visited a single hospital or clinic, nor consumed any artificial supplements and medication. Upon hearing this bizarre case, doctors all around the city of Lahore showered her with words of mockery, insults and shattered hopes. Nonetheless, as adamant as one can possibly be, Hanna, marched into her final days of pregnancy headstrong, working fully till the last minute, and occasionally experiencing the much-feared labour pains. Her pains, however, would stop the second she entered into the walls of a hospital, and she would embarrassingly come back home, finding the contractions back again. Seeing this inconsistency, all consulting doctors labeled her a case of a C-section and admitted her into the ward on a no-food, no-water diet as preparation for the operation. Hanna did not lose hope. 2 days and 2 nights in the screams and horror of the labour ward, now the doctors presented waiting any longer as a threat on the life of the mother and the unborn child. However, being well aware of the ViBirth learnings and the pattern of the natural process, Hanna strived further – she knew she had come far enough to get this right. She practiced everything she knew to bring about labour naturally. As the last deadline ended for a normal delivery or a C-section was impending, the doctors came to find Hanna in full labour, 15 minutes more and she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on March, 24, 2016. All her pains, pre-labour as well as post-delivery, Hanna relieved through natural means, without a single drop of medication through the 10 months of the most memorable and miraculous time of her life.


Shakila Riaz
Marriage is like a passenger train which has two tires – the husband and the wife. If they are aligned with each other, the journey will be pleasant and smooth. If not, then the marriage will be like most of the ones we see today – with unhappiness, fights, and stagnation. In our case, due to some wrong decisions, we made as a family, the priorities of our life changed, affecting our personal life immensely. I always wanted a balanced family life and the happiness which we had, as a couple, decided upon in our early years of marriage. However, after 8 years of being married, my husband decided to shift to Dubai and start his own business there. In a matter of 3 years, he experienced massive levels of success in his business, however, a few other changes started occurring as well due to the friends and lifestyle he was exposed to. The vision, the happiness, the family life we had decided upon and devoted our lives to creating in our early years together, had now started disappearing. He was now completely absorbed in the materialistic life Dubai had to offer, glitz and glamour, while I, on the other hand, had lost the happiness and peace I once felt with this family. I was incredibly worried and particularly concerned for my children who were not being given the ideal childhood I had planned for them. The compromised moral system, the captivating materialistic system and the gradual decline in our own family’s bonding and growth was extremely painful for me to see. In March, 2012, my husband attended one workshop in Verita – Live Free. It was a residential workshop so he got to interact with Sir Faiez and experience an entirely different lifestyle at the institute which is based in a natural environment. Those few days allowed him to ponder over how far we had wandered off from our ideal lifestyle and Alhumdulilah when he came back, he was a changed man. The simple life of Verita gifted us the opportunity to get in touch with our natural being again, away from the artificial life surrounding us and so, I thank you Verita for giving me back my husband and my family.


Verità’s Children Programs

Amna Imran
Once upon a time, there was a young girl who lived in her own dark, scary world. She was always sad and depressed, never willing to see the beauty in life. Known as “Little Ms. Nobody”, her shattered confidence and severely low self-esteem had left her feeling helpless. Her friends used her, made her feel inferior, insulted her, and she never ever stood up for herself against them. She had developed the perception that there was no one in this world who cared for her, who loved her and even began believing that she was just plain ugly (the worst she could possibly think of herself). Just to gain approval of others, she started copying them, even at bad things, and still, life gave her disappointment. She had changed herself for the world, but her world still hadn’t changed. Soon after, this young girl met few people in her life who changed her forever. These people showed her the mirror of her inner beauty and awakened her by gifting her ‘hope’. They taught her the understanding of religion and helped her view the world from a different lens. One day, a voice came from inside of her, “You see all those girls wearing Hijab, they are so beautiful! Their faces are glowing with ‘Noor’. People love to talk to them. They are independent of what others think of them and yet exhibit such peace from within. God must be so pleased with them.” She wondered, “Don’t you want such happiness? Do you want God to like you? You are a diamond, and a diamond is supposed to be protected and covered. Don’t you want that for yourself? Of course, you do! You deserve happiness. you deserve freedom. Live your life the way it is meant to be lived, before it gets too late”. And the next day, there she stood, with a piece of cloth draped over her head, and she looked exquisite. She had let go of her fears, unhappiness, and doubts, and now her life was perfect! Everyone loved her new found confidence and change and, most importantly, she loved herself, and that was all that mattered. So, who do you think this girl is? This is the story of my life. I transformed from a fragile little girl to a strong young woman. Now, no matter what people said to me, they couldn’t change my opinion about myself and nor could they make me feel inferior without my consent. I love my flaws and my imperfections because they make me ‘me’ and I think ‘me’ is pretty amazing! Thank you Verita for changing my life!