Health and Wellness

Fill your body with junk, and it becomes nothing else but junk.
The first step towards a healthy Body is a healthy Soul.
Looking at the packed dining places today, I think there are far too many homeless people today, than 30 years back.
There has been an exponential growth in two industries in the past two decades, i.e. eatries and healthcare. Is this a coincidence!
Today, the medical practice is not about the cure of disease, but rather management of disease.
Heath Secret: Eat early, Eat little, Eat simple, and Eat pure.
More people die today of eating than starvation. Be careful of what you eat and how much you eat.
Beware! We are in a state of war, a “Bio-War” and the weapons are GMOs, herbicides, germicides, pesticides, and fertilizers.
You are an organic being, dont feed yourself on inorganic diet.
More people die of more food than the lack of it.
Only in the USA, with the most modern medical facilities in the world, around 300,000 people die every year due to doctors or medicines.
More people die every year of food than due to lack of it.
Watching people enjoying their expensive but impure and inorganic meals, I wonder, why people pay money for buying disease!
“Depression” is Killer # 1 in the modern times – a disease of resource-rich but love-deprived people.
Simpler you live physically and lighter you are emotionally, the longer, healthier and more peacefully you will spend your life.
Live simple and free and you live longer.
Disease is the sign of “DIS-EASE”, i.e. not being at ease with self and others, which leads to Stress, # 1 killer of modern times.
We can neither be healthy nor at peace without a complete harmony of body, mind, heart and soul.
Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. (WHO, 1948)
Our bodies are free but our minds, hearts and spirits are not.
Less sleep and less diet are prerequisites to true knowledge.
More is less; less is more that’s how weight and health go side by side.
Health is just like anything else, to keep it, you have to take care of it.
Absence of disease is not health, a complete well-being of body, mind, heart and soul is health.
Forgiveness heals more than anything else……..Hurry up to forgive others and seek forgiveness.
The secret of long life: Eat less, Say less, Sleep less………..and seek forgiveness from God (i.e. recite Astagfirullah) often.
People die more from binging than starving. Be careful of what and how much you eat.
Spiritual health is vital for total wellness. If we are not healthy spiritually, we cannot stay emotionally, mentally and physically healthy
Live Free. Free from the regrets of the past and worries of the future. The only reality is the time at hand. Get the most of it.
Once we die spiritually, the emotional, mental and physical death follows.
Your body is a reflection of your inner self.