Family and Relationships

Nothing kills a relationship faster than Ego.
Forgiveness is hard but what’s even harder is asking for it.
My mother told me that homeless people dine outside. When I asked who are the homeless. She replied who have none to love and cook for them.
Its better to lose an argument than losing a relationship.
Blood relations must be kept, but its the relationships based on mutual love and respect, which should be nurtured.
Children today have an identity crisis. Without identity, they are just like a non-registered vehicle which could be stolen/hacked, anytime.
It’s better to lose an argument than to lose a friend.
Social networking will emerge as the leading cause of family break-ups in 21st century.
In a race to win more LIKES of those who don’t matter, people are losing those who do.
Attempting to win friends, people are losing themselves.
Cheerfulness and soft spokenness are the keys of friendship.
Having a good friend is better than having none……but having none is better than a bad one.
Communication is critical to any relationship and it has to be a two-way. Prayers is a communication between a man and his Creator.
Asking for favors or things is more damaging as not having those at all. It destroys your self image.
Start doing good or giving something to everyone you meet, even just a smile, a wish or an advice…….and discover the magic.
Most of the issues in the world are due to the failure of two most important institutions….the institution of parenthood and the institution of marriage.
He is poor who has no friend………the REAL friend.
People forget what they get, but remember how they are treated…………treat people well.
We can stay peaceful by walking out of the relations that we have made ourselves, such as marriage, friendship, etc.but can never be at peace by breaking the relationships that God has created (such as parents, relatives, siblings, etc.)
Love to be loved.