The Legacy

Since 1995, Faiez Hassan Seyal has worked tirelessly on matters of health, and through his audio cassettes, motivational seminars and one-on-one counseling, created waves as a renowned Faith healer. Focusing on aligning our mind, body, heart and soul with the laws of nature in order to achieve total wellness, Faiez has been blessed to cure Cancer, Arthritis, Infertility, Obesity, Depression and countless other diseases which have been rendered incurable by healers from other schools of thought. Proudly being the last resort of his patients after they have exhausted all other options in order to have their full, undivided, dedicated willingness to ‘do or die’, Faiez has made the impossible, possible. “No I am not a doctor, I am not a spiritual healer, I do not prescribe medicines”, But he (Faiez Hassan) does heal”(She Magazine Article ‘A Matter of Choices’. Daud, Nyla. 2000)

Through instilling a purpose, a positive mindset and a passion to heal, Faiez began giving his patients a life changing experience to health and soon paved his way into the world of health as a “phenomenon”. Serving the masses through the platform of Verita, Faiez and his team introduced a number of workshops to teach positive and healthy living to those who could see the truth of his words. Soon enough, as participants became more educated and aware of the reality, their focus shifted from making money to building a good life for themselves, and the importance of health as a separate sector rose significantly. Verita-HEAL is an off-shoot of the same realization which highlights health as a foundation for quality living and as an alternate therapy to all health issues which conventional treatments have failed to cater to due to their minimal understanding of all facets that health encompasses.

Faiez Seyal’s Interview in October 2000 Issue of SHE Magazine.

SHE Magazine Faiez Hassan Interview - 2000 - Part 1

SHE Magazine Faiez Hassan Interview - 2000 - Part 2

Timeline of Legacy

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