What is a Retreat?

In its simplest form ‘Retreat’, means ‘to withdraw, to drawback.’ Throughout the ages, people have understood Retreat to be an important part of life formation and transformation.  That is, time consciously set aside for self, a change of focus, a deliberate act of stepping outside of normal routine by withdrawing (not running away) from the noise and pressures; the immediate and insistent claims of our social, domestic, and workaday responsibilities in order to be in a quiet place where all our senses are open and ready to listen to nature and its truths.
The greatest benefit of retreat is that it gives fresh ways of seeing; opens new possibilities, enabling ‘familiarity to no longer breed contempt’. Perspective gives the ability to see a situation objectively, stepping back to gain a bigger view like seeing a circus parade from an upstairs window rather than through a hole in the fence at ground level. It is to see things as others do; and especially as Nature sees it!

The principal aim in going on retreat – to stop, listen, reflect, pray, share so that we see with new eyes, think with new minds, so that even though we have to go back into the very same situations, the same set of circumstances, the same roles, responsibilities, and relationships that we left behind to come to the place of retreat, we do so having changed inside.

Since 2010, Faiez has been conducting his transformational retreats, in his purpose-built retreat center in Lahore, in the following three areas:

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