Peak Performance

About the Program:

Most people don’t dare to dream because they fear their dreams would never turn into reality. However, man is capable of indescribable possibilities, along with one very fascinating ability to plan his life as he wishes and reach the peak of his potential and capabilities. If one understands how God has designed the universe to work, we can very well implement those laws at work, into our own lives, to steer the universe towards the fulfillment of our goals and aspirations. But what are those divine laws, and how can we fit ourselves into the master plan, to achieve monumental levels of success, not only in our careers but in our relationships, health, and our personal growth?


Program Content:

  • Making the Impossible, Possible
  • Untapping our greatest potential
  • Reaching the pinnacle of our existence
  • Designing our lives, using the help of Allah’s laws

Who should attend?

  • People unable to climb the ladder of success
  • Individuals who cant make their dreams come true
  • People wishing to improve the quality of their life
  • Individuals seeking to grow and prosper to incomparable levels
  • Pakistani/Urdu speaking audience


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    Nov 06 2021


    4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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