Beginner’s Guide to Homeschooling

About the Program:

In a world where there is a rapid increase in the unpredictability, particularly of a few numbered sectors such that of education, more and more parents are opting to take the schooling of their children into their own hands. However, as we are so incredibly accustomed to a system of schooling as provided to us in our childhood, we are left clueless on where to begin, what to do, and even, what questions to ask for those first few steps into the journey of homeschooling. Furthermore, due to a diverse range of possibilities that lie outside the realm of conventional education, we are often put into the dilemma of which method will suit our child and our family the best. In such circumstances, having a platform, with guaranteed and time-tested techniques and methodologies, is a blessing, such is Verita, which has been working on this particular area for 3 decades, and now brings a full-day program as a beginner’s guide to all those wondering if they should take the leap.

What Our Past Participants have to Say about Our different HomeSchooling Programs:

Participants Feedback of Batch-1 | Smart Parenting and Homeschooling Certification Program

Program Facilitator:

Faiez H. Seyal is a third-generation educationist who has unprecedented expertise in combining all subjects and fields of life such as economics, business management, sociology, psychology, human behavior, and parenting under the umbrella of Islamic principles and laws of nature. He has 25 years of experience and insights into child development and education, which has garnered a plethora of success stories throughout the decades. Also, the institute he has founded, Verita, is dedicated to teaching and practicing a holistic view of life, which is essential while preparing a child to be able and capable of dealing with all nuances and challenges reality has to offer. Furthermore, a concept close to the heart of the institute is family bonding and building, which is easily established and achieved through the platform of homeschooling. visit to Know more about Faiez Hassan Seyal.

Program Content:

  • Type of Non-conventional Methodologies
  • Resources needed to Begin Homeschooling
  • FAQs regarding homeschooling as a promising option
  • Role of the parents in the homeschooling journey
  • Incomparable advantages as compared to conventional education
  • Customized and child-specific blueprint

Program Overview:

Beginner’s Guide to Homeschooling

Who should Attend?

  • Parents yet to decide if homeschooling is for them
  • Parents already sure about homeschooling as their plan
  • Educationists who are trying to find ways around the current unpredictability
  • Pakistani/Urdu speaking audience

How to Participate:

Program Can be attended on-site at our training resort at Lahore or  participants can join online via Google Meet.

Investment Details:

For Investment Details Click here to send a WhatsApp message to our representative or call us at +92-333-4837482

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    Oct 23 2021


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