Education and Learning

A child’s education is the most critical job of mothers and later for both parents and never be out-sourced.
Knowledge is the only asset which raises one on other.
Knowledge is an addiction, the more you get, the more you want.
The real educated person is he who has learnt how to learn and keep on learning.
Knowledge is knowing something whereas wisdom is doing what one knows.
The less we know, the more we think, we know, and the more we know, the less we think, we know.
More we learn, more aware of our ignorance we become.
Learning is the only human asset which endures, everything else is temporary.
People forget what they are told, they only remember what they learn.
Knowing is costly, but so is not-knowing.
Belief and doctrine are indispensable to each other. One without other is corrupt.
Knowledge without action is just a like a tree without fruit.
One thing that I have learnt from the history is that we have not learnt anything.
The true education is not complete with only “what” and “how” unless “why” is also answered.
For seeking knowledge, go out; for seeking wisdom, go inside.
If you are looking for knowledge, read books and spend time with knowledgeable people. But for having wisdom, be alone and self-reflect.
Illusion of knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance.
The deeper one goes, the higher one grows.
Pondering rather doubting is the first step towards knowledge.
Wisdom is not found on highways, but rather on off-roads.
Knowledge is the biggest bliss and the ignorance, the biggest evil in this world.
Every child is born honest, sincere, emphatic, curious, and intelligent. It’s the modern education that makes them otherwise.
If people were educated and nurtured alike, there would be no “disagreement”.
We learn more from the dead, than living.
Studying history is important to avoid repeating it.
What gets measured is what gets achieved. Hence parents must evaluate their children’s performance on morals not only on grades.
It is important to learn the game, before learning tricks of the game. Learning the game requires perseverance and patience.
Knowledge and arrogance dont go together.
The quality of the question asked, speaks much of the person.
Treat your children as you want them to be, not as they are.
Science is a man’s interpretation of the Laws of Nature. There are equal chances for being RIGHT or WRONG.
There is a fundamental issue with the today’s education process. It assumes that children know nothing and must be taught. Children already know much, taught by the Creator. Education today in fact un-educates and corrupts the young minds.
We are losing our children to the modern education. Yet, we call this “education”.
Modern education is about “how to make living”, not “how to make life”.
Motherhood is too important to be outsourced to nannies, babysitters or school teachers.
The best of the brains in the White World concluded that Black cannot be equal to White. Only few years later, they were proved wrong. This is the limit of human intellect.
The modern education system has given us intellectually and emotionally competent but spiritually weak generation.
Learning to speak is natural. Learning what, when and how to speak needs conscious effort.
A child learns to speak by the age of 2. Later, majority of these children cannot learn what, when and how to speak, in next 60 years.
Knowledge is free, education is not.
We need to understand that people cannot be trained, they need to be educated to make right choices. Its the animals that are trained.
Looking at the ever-increasing cost of education, it seems that soon every person in the West will go bankrupt, by the time he finsihes his college education. A gift from the modern capitalist education system.
There is not much of a difference between a manufacturing process in an automated plant and in educational institutions today. Homogeneous raw material is put through a highly controlled and standardized manufacturing process, which produces homogeneous products. Educational institutions today are just doing the same.
People are born leaders. It’s the education (formal or informal) that makes them followers.
How can we teach our kids the value of diversity by educating them with the people of similar social and cultural backgrounds and age!
In school and college years, we teach them to compete and then in professional lives, we spend billions in teaching them to cooperate.
What this education system is teaching to our kids is totally different from what they need in their practical lives…………
Never let your learning get in the way of your potential.
Animals are trained, people are educated.
Behavior cannot be changed. It can be replaced, however.
Everyone knows that education system today is not what it used to be….but I think it is good enough for the objective it was created. It was created to produce qualified workforce and eager consumers for the machinery of capitalism. It was made to produce blind followers, not thinkers…..who could challenge the wisdom and systems of masters.
Knowledge gives power. Character gives love.
When you see two conflicting theories being propagated, one is bound to be wrong.
An unconscious ignorant is more dangerous than conscious ignorant.
Wiser a man, lesser he would talk.
People are like beasts. They attach themselves to those who love and train them.
Thinking and pondering is divine. Those who do are the masters and those who don’t are the slaves.
Educated is the one who has the “knowledge”, “wisdom” and “courage” to take the RIGHT course of action.
Unprepared students are always afraid of taking exams. That is why many of us are afraid of death.
Knowledge without Action is futile and Action without Knowledge is disastrous.
The knowledge that remains on tongue only is very shallow.
Ignorance is the biggest curse.
Self-reflection and questioning is the key to knowledge.
People who are not “BORN AGAIN”, everyday, they die, everyday.
More information does not necessarily means superior knowledge and/or wisdon.
3 most important insitutions of learning, 1) institution of motherhood, 2) clergy and 3) primary education…..we have destroyed all three.
Competence may get people to the top, but it is their character that keeps them there.
What you knew yesterday, would not last tomorrow, if you did not practice it today.
Strive to become better everyday, in whatever you do, all day long.
He whose every day is not better than his yesterday, is a loser.
Competence gets people to the top, but it is the chracter that keeps them there.
One of the best ways of learning is teaching it to others…..So keep on sharing and keep on learning.
Wisdom is the greatest gift of God to the mankind…..but like all other great things, it is not free…….one must pay its price.
Knowledge put in practice is wisdom…..Without practice, knowledge is just a piece of information.
Seeking knowledge is a continuous and conscious process and must not end with a formal degree.
Lesser people know, more they think, they know…..more they know, lesser they think, they know. Humility is a natural outcome of knowledge.
The real educated person is one who has learnt how to learn and keep on learning.
Knowledge is knowing something whereas wisdom is doing what one knows.
The less we know, the more we think, we know, and the more we know, the less we think, we know.