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Amna Imran
Once upon a time, there was a young girl who lived in her own dark, scary world. She was always sad and depressed, never willing to see the beauty in life. Known as “Little Ms. Nobody”, her shattered confidence and severely low self-esteem had left her feeling helpless. Her friends used her, made her feel inferior, insulted her, and she never ever stood up for herself against them. She had developed the perception that there was no one in this world who cared for her, who loved her and even began believing that she was just plain ugly (the worst she could possibly think of herself). Just to gain approval of others, she started copying them, even at bad things, and still, life gave her disappointment. She had changed herself for the world, but her world still hadn’t changed. Soon after, this young girl met few people in her life who changed her forever. These people showed her the mirror of her inner beauty and awakened her by gifting her ‘hope’. They taught her the understanding of religion and helped her view the world from a different lens. One day, a voice came from inside of her, “You see all those girls wearing Hijab, they are so beautiful! Their faces are glowing with ‘Noor’. People love to talk to them. They are independent of what others think of them and yet exhibit such peace from within. God must be so pleased with them.” She wondered, “Don’t you want such happiness? Do you want God to like you? You are a diamond, and a diamond is supposed to be protected and covered. Don’t you want that for yourself? Of course, you do! You deserve happiness. you deserve freedom. Live your life the way it is meant to be lived, before it gets too late”. And the next day, there she stood, with a piece of cloth draped over her head, and she looked exquisite. She had let go of her fears, unhappiness, and doubts, and now her life was perfect! Everyone loved her new found confidence and change and, most importantly, she loved herself, and that was all that mattered. So, who do you think this girl is? This is the story of my life. I transformed from a fragile little girl to a strong young woman. Now, no matter what people said to me, they couldn’t change my opinion about myself and nor could they make me feel inferior without my consent. I love my flaws and my imperfections because they make me ‘me’ and I think ‘me’ is pretty amazing! Thank you Verita for changing my life!