Character and Morality

Since no one can ever conceal the truth, there are powers which have successfully covered the eyes, which could see the truth.
Let’s not our opinions and personal biases cloud our minds.
What IS “right” and what SEEMS “right” are two different things.
Evil never kills evil. Two wrongs will never make things right.
What is “legal”, may not necessarily be “morally right”.
If singing and dancing could ever change the world, singers and dancers would have been the world’s best statesmen.
The happiest, the healthiest, the most peaceful and respected people I ever met had the least money.
Suspicion and envy are two major social evils, which leave people unhappy, empty and discontented.
The biggest defence against evil is goodness.
The man’s honor is in his humility.
Your character is the distance between your words and your actions.
Good people make promises. Honest ones keep them.
I am not here to please you, neither you are here to please me. To God, we return.
Truth is often disguised in strangeness, so people reject it fearing isolation.
Strength of character is as important as its quality. The strength of character determines the consistency of the chosen character traits.
Truth cannot be seen from the eyes but rather from the heart.
If you don’t know what is ‘wrong”, you will always fall into it.
There is no good in what’s “wrong”.
Always look for good in others, bad in self, not vice versa.
The one who doesn’t know the “WRONG”, will fall prey of it.
The real “Character” is a bygone thing of the past. Popularity has replaced it. Its no more about “RIGHTS”, but about “LIKES”.
People have a short memory. What was character two generation ago is being orthodox today.
It is a three generation journey…..from a law to manners to morals.
It’s not possible making hundreds of fans, without making a few foes.
Those who try pleasing everyone, please none.
Today people are honored due to what they have, not who they are.
What was wrong yesterday, is RIGHT today and I refuse to accept it.
People can’t shape their destinies. They can however, shape their character and their destinies are shaped, as a result.
Too cheap he sells, the one who sells his character.
The one who can compromise on principles, can compromise on anything.
Doing the RIGHT, when the RIGHT is not the popular choice, is the true test of one’s character.
Nothing in life comes for free. Alike character has a Price. Be willing to pay the price of keeping your character, no matter how big.
The one who abuses others, actually abuses self.
What you do is more important than what people think of you. Do things because they are RIGHT, not because people like them.
Integrity makes people “complete”. It is the state of being “unbroken”, “unimpaired”, and “uncorrupted”. Live with it.
Always do the right thing, not necessarily the popular thing.
Body is only packing – one percent. The 99 % is what we are from inside , i.e your character.
Character is what you are in the dark.
It is better to have a good character but bad reputation, than having a bad character and good reputation.
Beware of those, who praise you much without knowing much.
People who succeed in lives are not better in “logos” (i.e. logic), but “pathos” (i.e. people skills). but the secret of ultimate success is neither logos, not pathos but ethos (i.e. higher morals and character).
What seems good may not be right and what seems bad, may not be wrong. Live with Right and Wrong yardstick.
Nation’s character is nothing more than the sum of its individuals’ character.
Those who would stand on anything, stand for nothing.
He who pleases all, will please none, at last.
It is wiser to lose everything to save your character, than vice versa.
If we refuse to ignore small things, they will never become blunders.
Nothing can bring peace but our character.
Your character determines your net worth. Is it an asset or a liability?
Competence gets people to the top, but it is the consciousness that keeps them there.
Those who stand on anything, stand for nothing.
Those who stand on anything else but truth will soon fall down.
Too much of everything is bad but that of goodness.