Managing Change Balancing Business and People Side of Change

Faiez Hassan Seyal | Presented at “National Conference on Business Administration and Economics 96”organized by Institute of Business Administration, University of Karachi held at Karachi, Pakistan from July 20 – , 1996 Introduction Change comes these days whether we want it or not, sweeping through our lives and organizations like a fast train on a straight[…]

Leading the Change from the Inside Out

Faiez Hassan Seyal | Published in “Ace Watch”, Volume 1: Issue 1, (January, 2000) Since the past one decade or so, a lot is being said about the “change”. Almost every individual and every organization is dissatisfied with the status quo and is desirous of “change”. Interestingly, everyone is talking about change, seeking for a[…]

Lead the Change from the Inside Out: Principles and Practice of Motivation

Faiez Hassan Seyal | Presented at “International Convention on Quality Improvement (ICQI-2000)” organized by PIQC and EPB held at Lahore, Pakistan from November 14-15, 2000 Introduction A large company had been continuously losing its market share since 1994. With the ever-increasing cost of operations coupled with poor customer service and vendors/dealers relations, added with lost employee’s[…]

Total Quality Leadership (TQL) Model

Faiez Hassan Seyal | August 1996 Background After the World War II, Japan was in a state of crisis. It was struggling to rebuild its economy and put people to work. This involved more than just getting the factories running again. Even if they could get the production flowing, who would buy the goods that were[…]

Total Quality – A Strategic Issue for the 1990’s

Faiez Hassan Seyal | Presented at “2nd International Convention on Quality Control (ICQC-96)” organized by PIQC and EPB held at Karachi, Pakistan from October 1-3, 1996 Introduction Having been involved in implementing Total Quality (TQ) in Pakistan, I am often asked about the progress being made by organizations in implementing TQ as a strategic issue. Unfortunately,[…]

Total Quality Leadership (TQL): What and How Successful Leaders Do It?

Faiez Hassan Seyal | Presented at “3rd International Convention on Quality Control (ICQC-97)” organized by PIQC and EPB held at Karachi, Pakistan from October 7-9, 1997 Introduction In the past few years, an increased number of Pakistani companies have been struggling to implement total quality (TQ) initiatives. But we find that most of these TQ initiatives[…]

Human Resource Development and the Future Challenges

Faiez Hassan Seyal | Article Published in “Pakistan Management Review” Fourth Quarter, 1990 Statement of the Problem Only a decade ago, the term management was scarcely cognizable except in its initial connotation of arranging items methodically. Now the Management Community is pulsating with a new vigor, widely known, alive, searched and researched. Times are changing with[…]

Islam and Human Systems Development

Faiez Hassan Seyal | 1992 Management theories date back thousands of years, but a more organized and scientific approach to management has emerged only in the last one and a half century. Over the course of this period, hundreds of new management theories were given by various authors but basically three main schools of thought[…]

Reward and Career Management: What’s Important and What’s Not?

Faiez Hassan Seyal | March 1996 Background It was the howling of a lonely dog which brought Salman back from the sleep which had engulfed him a few minutes ago. He sat bolt upright and realized that his computer was on and even his cigarette was still burning and piling up a column of ash.[…]

Social Accountability 8000 (SA8000): Blessing in Disguised

 Faiez Hassan Seyal | June 2002 Introduction: Like ISO[1] 9000 and ISO 14000, now the fever for SA-8000 certification is catching up corporate sector in Pakistan. The major brands[2] in the west and in the North America are exerting tremendous pressures on their southeastern suppliers to get their manufacturing facilities SA-8000 certification. Failing to comply[…]