Time and Priorities

Things which can be controlled, can be managed too. We don’t control time, so it can never be managed. We can manage ourselves against time.
Time is the biggest bliss of the God. If you waste it, it will waste you.
Every one of us has 24 hours a day, 60 minutes per hour and 60 seconds per minute….. no more, no less.
Time is the greatest gift of God to mankind. Everything else is the result of its varied use.
Time is unlike any other resource. It cannot be purchased, sold, saved, borrowed, gifted, or rented. Once gone…..so gone forever.
We can never manage time. We however, can manage ourselves against time.
Time is like money at least in one way, the less we have, more wisely we spend.
If we stay alive, the time is the biggest healer.
To make the best use of the moment in hand, ask, “Is there a better use of my time right now”.
Those who waste time, time wastes them.
Save Time, Save Life.
Time is like money at least in one way, the less we have, more wisely we spend.
Take charge of yourself, and the time will take care of itself.
Time is the only thing, once spent never comes back.
Eighty percent people waste their present, their only reality thinking about the past or the future. Past will not repeat and future, no one has seen. Get the best out of the present moment of time.

Life and Living

Nothing kills success quicker than complacency.
Great minds discuss ideas, not people.
Life is not to be perceived in absolute terms. What seems true may not be. There are many shades of grey in between.
Instead of fighting the inevitable, use your energy in doing what you can control.
There are things in life, you can change and there are things that will change you. Know the difference and live with it.
People don’t regret what they could not achieve, they regret not trying.
The Secret of Success; Think Big but Act Small.
Looking at things, people and places are not as important as what you see.
World only remembers those, who forget themselves.
Nothing brings more happiness than doing something that will outlast you.
The secret of Happiness: Dont believe in everything you hear & see and say little. Remember you have two ears and two eyes, but one tongue.
We cannot drive the vehicle of life, far enough, if we continued looking in the rear-view mirror.
The difference between those “who can” and “who can’t” is perseverance and patience.
If you have nothing to die for, you have nothing to live for.
Be in the company of those whose heart is enlightened.
I lose and find myself, everyday. I am……. in search of Me.
I am finding myself for the past half century.
People confuse life with living. I know so many who have a life but don’t actually live.
Show the way but let people walk on it at their free will.
Solutions to the life challenges are inside us, not elsewhere.
No one can do any evil to anyone, we do it to ourselves.
Fear the one who has nothing to lose.
Don’t be sorry for those who are blind but for those who have eyes and see not.
Silence speaks louder than words.
Every thought & action, alters your energy. You attract things, people and events from the world in your life, with similar energy. Be wise.
Our goal in life is not chasing things and desires, but rather making ourselves worthy of those and once done, they will find you.
Unless you open your hands and let go of what you already have, you cannot have more.
Irony of modern times: People would rather stay in dark than see the light.
No one can be truly “free”, without being free from the fear.
The more clearly you understand your own emotions and feelings, the more forgiving and loving you would become.
Successful person and failure have different attitude towards work. One does it out of “will” and the other out of “compulsion”.
It’s not important to live happily. What’s more important is to live honorably.
My life changed when I realized that I can control nothing but my own thoughts.
The one who is not happy with what he has, will never be happy which he wishes to have.
Success breeds complacency. Complacency leads to failure.
Silence, a big asset……..gives much, costs nothing.
Those who continue looking through the past, don’t do well in present. One cannot drive too far while looking in the rear view mirror.
It’s good to live well, even better to leave well, alone.
Speak good, if you must…….else stay shut.
You can get anything in your life, if you are willing to lose everything else you have, for it.
It is far too easy to be successful, than to stay there.
All we have to do, to attract this abundance in our lives, is to match the frequency, through our thoughts and actions.
There is abundance in the God’s universe, and scarcity in the man’s world.
People ultimately become like the role they play in life. Make sure that you play a worthwhile role.
Wealth is not the money you have, but rather the number of days you can live comfortably without worrying about money.
The line dividing the Success and Failure is called a DECISION.
For first 50 years of life, people lose everything to make money….and later, they spend all of it trying to get back what they have lost.
The lesser one has, more free one is.
Feed your passion, when you can. And it will feed you, when you can’t.
Every mass has a specific energy and every energy can take shape of a mass. You can change mass to change your energy level or vice versa.
Social isolation is people’s greatest fear and without it they will always remain as they are.
You cannot discover new paths while still traveling on the old ones.
Detachement with undesirable posessions, people or habits is a key to success.
Isolation is the smallest price one pays for being different…..and it’s worth it.
..it can buy you bed, but not sleep. It can buy you treatment but not health. It can buy you friends, but not friendship.
Money is not the solution but rather cause of all problems.
Hard work does not kill, lack of work does.
Learn to listen to your heart. It never cheats.
One who live poor, die rich.
Ever wondered why people spend too much on “Brands”. They help adding weight to the personal ego of those who otherwise are weightless.
In life, you will never have it all, at the same time. So get the best of whatever you have and stop procrastinating of what you dont.
What’s said is often not heard. What’s heard is not often said.
Words have no meanings. Meanings are in people.
More you chase a thing in this world, the faster it runs away. The lesser you care of something, the more you will have it.
Live free means…..free from all negative emotions.
To a large extent, our sustenance is dependent on the choices we make and decisions we take in our life.
Its good to manage money, but never let it manage you.
Spend less, Invest more. An important secret of millionaires.
Whatever you have spent in this life was yours and what you leave behind when you die was never yours.
He is wealthy who is content with whatever he has.
“Brand-Crazy” people have lower self respect and wearing a expensive and big “brand” give it a boost.
Rich is the one who wants less, not the one who have more.
One of the greatest traits of successful people is their intrinsic motivation. Extrinsically motivated people don’t go too far.
What I have today will be someone else’s tomorrow…but what I am is…no one else can.
Competence and hardwork can earn you success….but it is the character that keeps you there.
We are a living magnet and attract in our lives, what we pay attention to. Be cautious in your choice.
DAD Principle is integral to success. Deliberate, Act, Deliberate.
Thinking is much easier than actions. Yet, people continue acting without thinking.
Count your wealth looking at what you have given, and not by what you have taken from this world.
Value of a person is not determined by the wealth he has or the title he wears but thru his competencies, reflected through his actions.
Anything that can be counted is finite and will come to an end. The money is and so are all the assets that we have……love, kindness, health, blessings, patience, tolerance, peace, are eternal and infinite.
Think twice before asking a favor. It destroys one’s self image.
What we give to LIFE is what LIFE gives back to us. Give what you want.
We are what we think all day. Think GREAT.
One of the greatest vices of this world is GREED……..and unfortunatley it grows with age.
Every breath takes us one step closer to death, then Why to celebrate Birthdays!
Say less, lose less, …..say more, lose more.
Man can have anything what he strives for…….but most of the things people strive for are not worth the price they pay.
Choose the life that you want to live, instead of adopting to the lives of people around.
Keep your thoughts pure. Remember evil attracts evil.
Keep on moving, but stay detached with results and see the magic.
People who live modest, die rich.
Be poor to self and rich to others.
Moderation is the best insurance against poverty.
People tend to overlook the defects of a personlaity covered with wealth or gentleness.
He who discloses his hardship and calamities is always humiliated. Never disclose these to none.
Poverty is the worst type of death. Fight it.
People run away from themselves. They are afraid of being alone.
The longest journey,I can ever remember is the journey to self discovery.
I was lost, so I decided to find myself.
If you are not lost yet, you may not find yourself.
Bigger the hardships, bigger could be the rewards…..provided we could sail through it.
There is no success without hardships.
For anything to happen, you must be passionate about it.
Man without passion is a fire without light.
Passion is a strong feeling or emotion for a belief, which is often irrational.
Behind every BIG achievement in the world, there was someone passionate about it.
Every single thing around us is created in a perfect balance. When we destroy the balance, we get in trouble.
Success is of those who can patiently persevere.
Do you have something that consumes you to the extent that you lose track of time. If not, find one and commit to it.
The difference betwen “Garden” and a “Jungle”……”Planned vs. Unplanned”. Don’t let you life become a jungle.
If you dont know, where you wana go, then doesn’t matter where you go.
People don’t get anywhere because they don’t know where they want to go.
Success breeds complacency, which is a first step towards dowfall. Don’t let it corrupt you.
More than 90 % of the people’s beliefs are adopted, not chosen. Start challenging your beliefs, and you will be taken up by a BIG shock.
Our life is result of our own conscious or unconscious choices. If it has to change, it is only WE who could do it.
The only way to strengthen a belief……..act on it, talk it, walk it……..live it….
A critical question to answer at the beginning of The Road to Success: HOW WOULD I SERVE THE PEOPLE!
Without passion….that total crazy, irrational, irrestitable attachement with your dream, nothing happens.
Success is not difficult. The self discipline that is required to make it happen, is.
Never be afraid of trials and afflictions. Big rewards come after trials.
A wise man neither over-cries or be over-happy.
Patience and perseverance are the powers, which can remove any barriers.
Words without rock-solid belief are not powerful enough to influence……..and action is a prerequisite for developing rock-solid belief.
Evil attracts evil. Make sure that you live with pure and positive thoughts.
Find out what you love to the extent that you would do for nothing, and commit FULLY to it. The money will automatically follow.
Unless you discover a passion that consumes you fully, you can never become successful.
Real abundance is not having more, but wanting less.
Giving enhances self esteem……if can’t give, try forgiving.
Sometimes you gain more by saying “NO” than “YES”.
The main problem with majority of people is that they want to learn tricks of the game, before the game itself.
Man is like a machine. He wears out less from work and more from friction.
Chase your passion and the success will follow.
Only those are remembered, who forgot themselves.
Only those die rich, who live poor.
No matter how fast you ran, you would never reach anywhere, if you did not know where you were heading for.
In life you have three main tasks: learn from the past, live in the present and prepare for the future.
Deciding how to die is not a choice, but choosing how to live surely is.
Greed is a higher form of slavery.
He who is ruining oneself, does not need any more punishment……..and be forgiven.
People don’t die of hard work, they die of no or little work.
Three secrets for SUSTAINING Success: Character, Service attitude, and Faith.
Three secrets of BECOMING Success: Passion, Action, and Perseverance.
Forgiveness without forgetting is just a lip service.
Man can have anything that he strives for…………… anything…….but not everything.
You never fail until you admit your failure and stop trying. Never ever lose hope.
There are no permanent failures, only temporary setbacks.
If you understand that life is difficult, then it is no more difficult.
One who can control self, can control the world.
You cannot change the winds, but you can always adjust your sails.
Never let people, events and circumstances discourage you, focus on your response to those.
The power to create the quality of life lies within you not outside you.
Self trust is the secret of success. Trust yourself, your God-gifted abilities and powers.
We have no choice but to forgive people and do it quicker. Our negativity cannot hurt them, but is a slow poison for self.
Art of Persuasion: Believe in the message, practice it yourself, and then say it. It will automatically be powerful.
The only person you need to worry changing is YOU……and the good thing is that you don’t need anyone’s help with it. You are the CEO.
There are no permanent failures, only temporary setbacks.
We can change our behavior by changing our negative and disempowering thoughts with positive and empowering ones.
What you do, say, hear and watch all day long, becomes your living reality. Choose carefully.
Avoid pessimist and negative thinkers, you will catch their virus.
Empty your mind of all the negative thoughts. Negative thoughts can kill. Majority of cardiac patients are negative thinkers.
In case of fear, the moment you do something you are afraid of, the fear disappears. Both fear & worry seek a conscious effort on your part.
The only way to deal with a worry is by preparing yourself to handle it.
The only way to deal with a feeling of regret is to make a genuine commitment, not to repeat the action that caused it.
Whatever you have been thinking, listening, saying, etc. have become your beliefs (i.e. whatever you believe to be right or wrong).
Whatever you are today, it is because of your thoughts. You can never change your life without changing your thoughts.
You cannot have the cake and eat it too. Be willing to sacrifice for a better life here and hereafter.
Once you have taken the decision to change, never back off no matter what comes in the way. Put your trust in God.
Freedom without discipline is disastrous.
Before doing anything, keep the end in mind.
If nothing bad has happened to you so far, it does not mean that you are right.
You can be anything you want, if you are willing to pay the price……anything but not everything.
It is not what happens to you, but what you do about it, that determines the outcome of your life.
Throw the word impossible out of your dictionary. Never ever give up.
Problems and uncertainties keep the life going.
Throw the guilt about the past and stop worrying about the future, live in the present, before it becomes the past.
Know that you are a miracle yourself and are empowered to do miracles.
The best person to stay accountable to, is you. Learn to be self-accountable.
We are alone on this journey to life. We came on this planet, alone and would go back, alone.
Our choices are unlimited. Even in the worst of circumstances, we could make several choices. Remember to be free is to be free to choose.
Life is the result of our choices. Whatever you are today, it is because of your own earlier choices.
Our ability to think and make choices differentiates us from other creatures. We can choose good over bad, right over wrong.
Instead of worrying about things and events that you cannot control, start focusing on things and activities you can control.
Accept yourself in totality, with all the goods and evils, strengths and weaknesses, physique, traits, etc.
Stop blaming and complaining. Raise to the position when you have no one else to blame, but yourself.
The problem is that we sow different than what we expect to reap. You will reap what you sow.
We must understand that life is difficult, if we know and accept it, it is no longer difficult.
We can be anything but not everything.
The problem starts when we compare ourselves to others and want exactly the same type of success or the same way as someone else did.
Your life today is an outcome of your earlier choices known or unknown to you.
People invest 18 years at a minimum becoming professionals, but hardly anytime in becoming humans.
Life is 10 percent by NATURE, and 90 percent by NURTURE.
Do what you love and the money follows.
Life returns you a part of what you give to it. If you are not happy with what you have, change what you give to it.
The greatest journey I can remember is the journey to self discovery.
The more a tree is fruit laden, the more it bows.
An empty vessel make more noise.
What we spent was ours and what we leave behind is someone else’s.
Ultimately we will become like the people we meet. Be careful of whom you meet.
We attract and are attracted to people like us. Change yourself and you will change the crowd around you.
Every masterpiece is created in imagination, first. Never fear to dream…… Dream BIG.
It takes hard work to become successful but it is character that keeps one there.
Do the work you love and never work again.
If you don’t take charge of your life, someone else will.
The issue with majority of the people is that they learn tricks of the game, before even learning the game.
If we accept the truth that life is difficult, it is no more difficult.
We must understand that life is difficult, if we know and accept it, it is no longer difficult.
The problem is that we sow different than what we expect to reap. We will always reap what we sow.
Let’s stop blaming and complaining and raise ourselves to the position when we have no one else to blame, but ourselves.
Accept yourself in totality, with all the goods and evils, strengths and weaknesses, physique, traits, etc.
Accept the total responsibility of your choices and actions.
Instead of worrying about things and events that you cannot control, start focusing on things and activities you can control.
Life is the result of our choices. Whatever we are today, it is because of our own earlier choices.
The difference between success and failure: different choices. Make a wise choice.
Most of life’s troubles are the result of saying ‘Yes’ too Early and ‘No’ too Late…
Be all you ought to be!
Forgive and forget. A golden rule for a peaceful life.
The only purpose of our being is to serve the Lord by serving others. And to be able to do it, we will have to learn and change.
Listen to your heart and you will never be disappointed.
Watch out your thoughts. They can kill or cure.
All the greatest achievements require someone to think differently.
You are what you think, say, see, watch and do all day long.
When the sun rises, it rises for everyone, but how many will see it.
Know yourself before knowing others.
Deciding how to die is not a choice, but choosing how to live surely is.
Life is not how many years we live, but what we do in those years.
Life is too short, so live it to its fullest.
In life you have three main tasks, learn from past, live in present and prepare for future.
The longest journey I can ever remember is the journey to self-discovery.
The earlier you learn to take over the responsibility of your life, the earlier you can become successful.
Even if we are moving in the right direction, we will be run over if we just sit and wait.
No matter how fast you run, you will never reach, if you do not know where you are heading for.
If you don’t know where you want to go, then it does not matter which road you take.
Man is not capable of inventing, he was sent to discover.
God does not want us to change the world, He wants us to change ourselves.
In search of my mother’s life, I discovered mine.
To excel in life, do everything with passion, belief, and love.
He who has lost confidence, has nothing else to loose.
Chase your passion and the success follows.
Excellence does not happen by chance, we have to put our heart, mind and soul to make it happen.
Our expectations determine our outcomes.
Never restrict yourself to standards, just do the very best of you each and every time and expect miracles.
Let everything you do or produce be your masterpiece.
If we don’t make a turn on our life’s road at the right time, we are dead.
The main problem with most of the people is that they are too quick in learning the tricks of the game, without learning the game.
Man is like a machine. He wears out less from work and more from friction.
Those who live forever are those who never lived for themselves.

Business Tips

Customer service is 90% attitude and 10% skill.
In customer service, as in life, what you give to others comes back. Give your customers what you want back.
Customer Intimacy” begins from the inside and works its way to the outside, not the other way around.
The successful selling is that which leaves the seller and the buyer, both happy and satisfied. You can never sell to the same buyer again, unless you leave him satisfied every time.

Health and Wellness

Fill your body with junk, and it becomes nothing else but junk.
The first step towards a healthy Body is a healthy Soul.
Looking at the packed dining places today, I think there are far too many homeless people today, than 30 years back.
There has been an exponential growth in two industries in the past two decades, i.e. eatries and healthcare. Is this a coincidence!
Today, the medical practice is not about the cure of disease, but rather management of disease.
Heath Secret: Eat early, Eat little, Eat simple, and Eat pure.
More people die today of eating than starvation. Be careful of what you eat and how much you eat.
Beware! We are in a state of war, a “Bio-War” and the weapons are GMOs, herbicides, germicides, pesticides, and fertilizers.
You are an organic being, dont feed yourself on inorganic diet.
More people die of more food than the lack of it.
Only in the USA, with the most modern medical facilities in the world, around 300,000 people die every year due to doctors or medicines.
More people die every year of food than due to lack of it.
Watching people enjoying their expensive but impure and inorganic meals, I wonder, why people pay money for buying disease!
“Depression” is Killer # 1 in the modern times – a disease of resource-rich but love-deprived people.
Simpler you live physically and lighter you are emotionally, the longer, healthier and more peacefully you will spend your life.
Live simple and free and you live longer.
Disease is the sign of “DIS-EASE”, i.e. not being at ease with self and others, which leads to Stress, # 1 killer of modern times.
We can neither be healthy nor at peace without a complete harmony of body, mind, heart and soul.
Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. (WHO, 1948)
Our bodies are free but our minds, hearts and spirits are not.
Less sleep and less diet are prerequisites to true knowledge.
More is less; less is more that’s how weight and health go side by side.
Health is just like anything else, to keep it, you have to take care of it.
Absence of disease is not health, a complete well-being of body, mind, heart and soul is health.
Forgiveness heals more than anything else……..Hurry up to forgive others and seek forgiveness.
The secret of long life: Eat less, Say less, Sleep less………..and seek forgiveness from God (i.e. recite Astagfirullah) often.
People die more from binging than starving. Be careful of what and how much you eat.
Spiritual health is vital for total wellness. If we are not healthy spiritually, we cannot stay emotionally, mentally and physically healthy
Live Free. Free from the regrets of the past and worries of the future. The only reality is the time at hand. Get the most of it.
Once we die spiritually, the emotional, mental and physical death follows.
Your body is a reflection of your inner self.

Love and Marriage

You don’t find your soulmate, you just manifest it in your life.
Life partners ask each other’s feelings, soulmates feel the feelings.
Allah created man and woman as “one”, and later split them into two……so take care of each other.
Save your women from ill health and early physical deterioration by giving them a worthwhile purpose of life, to live.
Marriage of bad times, survives through ups and downs of life, but marriages of good times are fragile enough to stay intact in bad times.
Finding the RIGHT spouse is just the beginning of marriage. The real challenge is creating a RIGHT relationship.
Dont’ find love. It’s natural and is everywhere. Find and remove the barrier inside you, that is in the way of you feeling it.
There is no such thing like love at first sight, that is infatuation. True love takes time to build and grow over years………..
Love heals the both, the giver as well as the receiver.
Marriage is a foundation of a healthy society. We must save the institution of marriage to save the society.
Love heals the both, the giver and the receiver.
More love you want, more you must give.
Common things makes a relationship enjoyable, it’s our differences that makes it interesting.
The main problem in marriages is that we keep our eyes closed before and wide-open after.
The contribution you have made in each other’s growth is the only bond that can keep the relationship going after the honeymoon is over.
Working towards a common purpose of life is a glue that keeps both partners together forever.
The real love comes when you start respecting someone for who one is, not what one has.
Love is not living for someone, it is living with someone.
The problem with most of the people is that they perform weddings, not marriages.
You are never lonely if you love the person you are lonely with.

Education and Learning

A child’s education is the most critical job of mothers and later for both parents and never be out-sourced.
Knowledge is the only asset which raises one on other.
Knowledge is an addiction, the more you get, the more you want.
The real educated person is he who has learnt how to learn and keep on learning.
Knowledge is knowing something whereas wisdom is doing what one knows.
The less we know, the more we think, we know, and the more we know, the less we think, we know.
More we learn, more aware of our ignorance we become.
Learning is the only human asset which endures, everything else is temporary.
People forget what they are told, they only remember what they learn.
Knowing is costly, but so is not-knowing.
Belief and doctrine are indispensable to each other. One without other is corrupt.
Knowledge without action is just a like a tree without fruit.
One thing that I have learnt from the history is that we have not learnt anything.
The true education is not complete with only “what” and “how” unless “why” is also answered.
For seeking knowledge, go out; for seeking wisdom, go inside.
If you are looking for knowledge, read books and spend time with knowledgeable people. But for having wisdom, be alone and self-reflect.
Illusion of knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance.
The deeper one goes, the higher one grows.
Pondering rather doubting is the first step towards knowledge.
Wisdom is not found on highways, but rather on off-roads.
Knowledge is the biggest bliss and the ignorance, the biggest evil in this world.
Every child is born honest, sincere, emphatic, curious, and intelligent. It’s the modern education that makes them otherwise.
If people were educated and nurtured alike, there would be no “disagreement”.
We learn more from the dead, than living.
Studying history is important to avoid repeating it.
What gets measured is what gets achieved. Hence parents must evaluate their children’s performance on morals not only on grades.
It is important to learn the game, before learning tricks of the game. Learning the game requires perseverance and patience.
Knowledge and arrogance dont go together.
The quality of the question asked, speaks much of the person.
Treat your children as you want them to be, not as they are.
Science is a man’s interpretation of the Laws of Nature. There are equal chances for being RIGHT or WRONG.
There is a fundamental issue with the today’s education process. It assumes that children know nothing and must be taught. Children already know much, taught by the Creator. Education today in fact un-educates and corrupts the young minds.
We are losing our children to the modern education. Yet, we call this “education”.
Modern education is about “how to make living”, not “how to make life”.
Motherhood is too important to be outsourced to nannies, babysitters or school teachers.
The best of the brains in the White World concluded that Black cannot be equal to White. Only few years later, they were proved wrong. This is the limit of human intellect.
The modern education system has given us intellectually and emotionally competent but spiritually weak generation.
Learning to speak is natural. Learning what, when and how to speak needs conscious effort.
A child learns to speak by the age of 2. Later, majority of these children cannot learn what, when and how to speak, in next 60 years.
Knowledge is free, education is not.
We need to understand that people cannot be trained, they need to be educated to make right choices. Its the animals that are trained.
Looking at the ever-increasing cost of education, it seems that soon every person in the West will go bankrupt, by the time he finsihes his college education. A gift from the modern capitalist education system.
There is not much of a difference between a manufacturing process in an automated plant and in educational institutions today. Homogeneous raw material is put through a highly controlled and standardized manufacturing process, which produces homogeneous products. Educational institutions today are just doing the same.
People are born leaders. It’s the education (formal or informal) that makes them followers.
How can we teach our kids the value of diversity by educating them with the people of similar social and cultural backgrounds and age!
In school and college years, we teach them to compete and then in professional lives, we spend billions in teaching them to cooperate.
What this education system is teaching to our kids is totally different from what they need in their practical lives…………
Never let your learning get in the way of your potential.
Animals are trained, people are educated.
Behavior cannot be changed. It can be replaced, however.
Everyone knows that education system today is not what it used to be….but I think it is good enough for the objective it was created. It was created to produce qualified workforce and eager consumers for the machinery of capitalism. It was made to produce blind followers, not thinkers…..who could challenge the wisdom and systems of masters.
Knowledge gives power. Character gives love.
When you see two conflicting theories being propagated, one is bound to be wrong.
An unconscious ignorant is more dangerous than conscious ignorant.
Wiser a man, lesser he would talk.
People are like beasts. They attach themselves to those who love and train them.
Thinking and pondering is divine. Those who do are the masters and those who don’t are the slaves.
Educated is the one who has the “knowledge”, “wisdom” and “courage” to take the RIGHT course of action.
Unprepared students are always afraid of taking exams. That is why many of us are afraid of death.
Knowledge without Action is futile and Action without Knowledge is disastrous.
The knowledge that remains on tongue only is very shallow.
Ignorance is the biggest curse.
Self-reflection and questioning is the key to knowledge.
People who are not “BORN AGAIN”, everyday, they die, everyday.
More information does not necessarily means superior knowledge and/or wisdon.
3 most important insitutions of learning, 1) institution of motherhood, 2) clergy and 3) primary education…..we have destroyed all three.
Competence may get people to the top, but it is their character that keeps them there.
What you knew yesterday, would not last tomorrow, if you did not practice it today.
Strive to become better everyday, in whatever you do, all day long.
He whose every day is not better than his yesterday, is a loser.
Competence gets people to the top, but it is the chracter that keeps them there.
One of the best ways of learning is teaching it to others…..So keep on sharing and keep on learning.
Wisdom is the greatest gift of God to the mankind…..but like all other great things, it is not free…….one must pay its price.
Knowledge put in practice is wisdom…..Without practice, knowledge is just a piece of information.
Seeking knowledge is a continuous and conscious process and must not end with a formal degree.
Lesser people know, more they think, they know…..more they know, lesser they think, they know. Humility is a natural outcome of knowledge.
The real educated person is one who has learnt how to learn and keep on learning.
Knowledge is knowing something whereas wisdom is doing what one knows.
The less we know, the more we think, we know, and the more we know, the less we think, we know.

Character and Morality

Since no one can ever conceal the truth, there are powers which have successfully covered the eyes, which could see the truth.
Let’s not our opinions and personal biases cloud our minds.
What IS “right” and what SEEMS “right” are two different things.
Evil never kills evil. Two wrongs will never make things right.
What is “legal”, may not necessarily be “morally right”.
If singing and dancing could ever change the world, singers and dancers would have been the world’s best statesmen.
The happiest, the healthiest, the most peaceful and respected people I ever met had the least money.
Suspicion and envy are two major social evils, which leave people unhappy, empty and discontented.
The biggest defence against evil is goodness.
The man’s honor is in his humility.
Your character is the distance between your words and your actions.
Good people make promises. Honest ones keep them.
I am not here to please you, neither you are here to please me. To God, we return.
Truth is often disguised in strangeness, so people reject it fearing isolation.
Strength of character is as important as its quality. The strength of character determines the consistency of the chosen character traits.
Truth cannot be seen from the eyes but rather from the heart.
If you don’t know what is ‘wrong”, you will always fall into it.
There is no good in what’s “wrong”.
Always look for good in others, bad in self, not vice versa.
The one who doesn’t know the “WRONG”, will fall prey of it.
The real “Character” is a bygone thing of the past. Popularity has replaced it. Its no more about “RIGHTS”, but about “LIKES”.
People have a short memory. What was character two generation ago is being orthodox today.
It is a three generation journey…..from a law to manners to morals.
It’s not possible making hundreds of fans, without making a few foes.
Those who try pleasing everyone, please none.
Today people are honored due to what they have, not who they are.
What was wrong yesterday, is RIGHT today and I refuse to accept it.
People can’t shape their destinies. They can however, shape their character and their destinies are shaped, as a result.
Too cheap he sells, the one who sells his character.
The one who can compromise on principles, can compromise on anything.
Doing the RIGHT, when the RIGHT is not the popular choice, is the true test of one’s character.
Nothing in life comes for free. Alike character has a Price. Be willing to pay the price of keeping your character, no matter how big.
The one who abuses others, actually abuses self.
What you do is more important than what people think of you. Do things because they are RIGHT, not because people like them.
Integrity makes people “complete”. It is the state of being “unbroken”, “unimpaired”, and “uncorrupted”. Live with it.
Always do the right thing, not necessarily the popular thing.
Body is only packing – one percent. The 99 % is what we are from inside , i.e your character.
Character is what you are in the dark.
It is better to have a good character but bad reputation, than having a bad character and good reputation.
Beware of those, who praise you much without knowing much.
People who succeed in lives are not better in “logos” (i.e. logic), but “pathos” (i.e. people skills). but the secret of ultimate success is neither logos, not pathos but ethos (i.e. higher morals and character).
What seems good may not be right and what seems bad, may not be wrong. Live with Right and Wrong yardstick.
Nation’s character is nothing more than the sum of its individuals’ character.
Those who would stand on anything, stand for nothing.
He who pleases all, will please none, at last.
It is wiser to lose everything to save your character, than vice versa.
If we refuse to ignore small things, they will never become blunders.
Nothing can bring peace but our character.
Your character determines your net worth. Is it an asset or a liability?
Competence gets people to the top, but it is the consciousness that keeps them there.
Those who stand on anything, stand for nothing.
Those who stand on anything else but truth will soon fall down.
Too much of everything is bad but that of goodness.

Spirituality and Faith

Forgiveness heals and the journey starts with forgiving oneself.
Our Creator blessed us with mind and placed it over the heart. Our heart should be governed by mind, not the other way around.
True happiness in life is in finding the Special Gift you have and finding ways and means to use it to improve the lives of others.
Allah made you to be YOU. Stop trying to become someone else.
Don’t fear the death of the body, fear the death of the heart.
Everyone goes to the Creator, Allah. A few before dying, and rest after.
What may be achieved through Love can never be achieved through Hate.
You are here for a reason, a purpose. Find it out, serve it and enjoy the bliss in life.
The deeper inside oneself, one goes, the higher one goes.
Faith begins where the rationality ends.
Give up the power and prestige, and you will have more of it.
Solitude is the first step towards wisdom.
One who receives an act of kindness, should never forget, one who bestows, must never remember.
When we start being grateful for whatever we have, Allah promises to give us more. If nothing else, be grateful for being alive!
Gratitude is the key to happiness, health and success in all realms of our life.
Forgiveness is a prime factor in emotional & spiritual well-being. We need to forgive not for others, but for our own peace and inner harmony.
God’s land and its creation can only will governed by God’s Law.
Anyone can believe what eyes show, believing what’s not seen, is faith.
You are a miracle of nature and must nourish yourself with something that is natural.
If you have faith enough to continue seeing what’s not there yet, it will ultimately come to reality.
Belief and Faith are not the same. Belief is a function of mind, whereas Faith is much more powerful and is a function of soul.
Nature talks to those, who listen.
If one claims ownership of one’s wealth, his end is like Korah. And if he claims sovereignty on the land of God, his end is like
Each and everyone of us is special and unique creation of Allah. Success is finding that SPECIAL in us and building our lives around it.
There is always a tomorrow, for those who have faith!
After having Allah’s guidance on a matter, don’t just stand there, start walking! That is the real test of FAITH.
If spending 2-hours with nature can heal the body (it’s a research finding), what if we lived with nature 24-7!
No message endures, but the divine message.
The Divine Guideline: “Are those who know equal to those who know not?” and the best of democracy: “One Person, One Vote”.
You have but only one heart. Let it be filled with only one Love, the love of the Creator.
Who can be against you if you have God with you!
Createe cannot change the Creator. Same way the one who is a product of a system cannot change the system who created him.
The problem with all the sciences is that in reply to “WHY”, they show “HOW”. It is when they find “WHY”, that they would discover Allah.
We must know that all the misfortunes and calamities comes from God and only God can save us from those, then why to fear!
Without faith, there is no freedom.
We have been sent as custodians, and not the owners of this world. If we could just understand this, many problems will solve automatically.
Faith and fear cannot live in the same heart. FAITH or FEAR…..choice is yours.
Imagine a world without depression, stress, worries and fears. It is only possible with faith.
There can never be peace without God.
The one without faith will always be lonely, regardless of number of friends.
When faith grows, miracles grow, too.
Faith and fear cannot live together, in the same heart.
Miracles happen every minute……..and faith is the eye that sees it.
Nothing frees a man from fear better than FAITH. Taste it.
Nothing great in this world is ever achieved without THINKING. It is that Divine trait that separates success from failure.
The science that teaches the art of right beliefs, is called FAITH.
To be at ease, with self and others is only possible, if we have right beliefs about self and others.
Fear and worries end where FAITH begins.
Those who happily leave everything in God’s hand, will eventually see God’s hand in everything.
People have different TRUTHS, mainly because they are at a different level of UNDERSTANDING. At the same level, there is only ONE TRUTH.
Freedom to choose is the basic human right that God has bestowed on people.
Tests and trials are God’s way of teaching you something NEW. They will seize, when you learn what God wants you to learn.
Ungratefulness is the major reason for blessings and good fortunate to go away.
Charity is the best insurance policy to safeguard anything. There is a charity of everything….and the charity of the body is fasting.
There is nothing which can give hope more than faith.
Nature never cheats. It always warns. Its the people who sometimes ignore the warnings.
There is only one thing that can get people and societies out of slavery and that’s faith.
I have no doubt that we are empowered by God to do anything. The only thing that we have to decide however, is: “Is it worth the cost?”
Everything changes and is uncertain…but the Laws of God. Living with these LAWS is the safest bet in these times.
We are here to serve some higher objective, not merely ourselves…….is the cornerstone of all spiritual sciences.
The spirituality is the quest of knowing our true selves, and discovering the meaning and purpose of our life.
Faith frees man from the fear. Taste it.
Thinking and pondering over is divine and one of the most desired traits of human beings. Save 30 minutes every night for this.
Spiritual death leads to emotional, mental and physical death.
Giving gives more to the giver than the receiver.
Belief without knowledge will always end up in a chaos.
Remember God in good times, so He also remembers you in bad times.
We can choose not to live with the laws of nature………but then we pay the penalty.
Nothing happens without a belief…..its a first step.
The greatest gift of faith is to free man from the fear………just imagine if there was no worries, no fear in your life.
Only he who has power to punish can choose to forgive.
People turn away blessings of God, by their thanklessness. Everyday, find at least 10 reasons to be be grateful to God.
Living without faith is not a choice. People without faith at minimum, are lonely, stressed, depressed, regretful, and worried.
No one can truly forgive without faith. The word “for give” means “to give for……..someone”, i.e. God.
Man is not capable of invention, but can discover.
He, who has found himself, will find God.
Our relationship with God is reflected through how we relate with this world and people in it.
Heart is not an organ only. It also provides guidance system. Call it a conscience, a gut feeling or voice of God. Listen to it.
It is in the service of others, that we are served.
Be grateful on what you have before asking for more from God.
God’s Promise: He will not change anyone’s fate or condition, unless they change it themselves by changing their inner beliefs.
If you need more love, love more, if you need more respect, respect more, if you need more money, give more of it.
Law of the God: Give more, spend more, and save little of what you need more…….and you will have more.
The Law of the this World: Collect more, save more, and protect what you have, and you will have more.
Same way, God feel disgusted, if we instead of asking HIM, ask any other, who is no better or worse than us.
Wouldn’t you feel disgusted, if your deputy, instead of coming to you, chose someone else to share one’s problems and ask for living!
As God’s DEPUTY on this planet, it is our obligation to look good, to behave, to be confident, to inspire others…..and never let HIM down.
God is more desperate for your success than you could realize. Who would like His DEPUTY to fail!
To learn from nature, we must learn to keep silent.
Remember God in good times, so He remembers you in bad times.
Allah want mankind to live free of worries. That’s why HE gave us rescue from two major fears of mankind…the fear of loss of life and the fear of loss of sustenance.
How powerful one feels by being the deputy of an institution or a country! Remember that humans are the DEPUTIES of God.
Every message has a limit of time. Only Laws of Nature are timeless. They are here to stay, forever.
“QURAN”….. is the Instructions Manual of the MAN, for the MAN, authored by Prophet Muhammad, on the dictation of Manufacturer, ALLAH.
No body can know how to get the best out of a product but, the one who manufactured it.
Every product comes with Instructions Manual. The purpose….to tell the owner how to get the best out of it and to avoid ruining it.
Second largest is the fear of losing sustenance. Remember God is responsible for providing this to everyone.
Number one fear is the fear of death. Remember that you will never die before your time.
Our common purpose is to continuously enhance the quality of our own life as well as those of our loved ones and of the society as a whole.
Laws of nature are here to stay, we can bang our heads against them, but would never break into those.
We can never stay at peace while doing things against laws of nature. Our job is to know and accept this truth of life.
Know the truth that you were created as the best creation, with God Himself breathing into you His spirit.
God Almighty has given each and every one of us equal but different opportunities to be successful.
Just imagine how powerful we are, if we understand and act as the deputies of GOD, here on this planet.
People today, tend to trust media more than they trust God.
The main problem with people today: they believe in God, but they don’t believe in what He says.
One can never be at peace by resisting Laws of Nature. Surrender to them and see the magic.
We are the DEPUTIES of God. Ever wonder why people hire Deputies!
People without faith are buildings without foundation.
Live with God and you are never lonely.
An Important Law of Nature: The more we need something for ourselves, the more we must give it to others.
The secret of having is in giving.
What we give to others come back many folds. Give only what you want for yourself.
Give love to have love. Give hatred to have hatred.
Only those die rich, who live poor.
Things and people that endure are those who don’t exist for themselves.
The real abundance is giving more than receiving.
Giving enhances self-esteem. If you cannot “give” try “forgiving”.
Every thing we give to others comes back many times. Instead of giving shouting, hatred, criticism, and curse, let’s build our wealth by giving love, respect, praise and blessings to everyone we see.
Being a deputy of a senior officer makes people feel so powerful. It changes the way people dress-up, the way they walk, the way they talk. It changes everything. How powerful one would feel, being a deputy of God? Yes, we are deputies of God.
Belief without knowledge will always end up in a chaos.
To learn from nature, we must learn to keep silent.
Allah! The only friend with no personal interests.
Remember Him in good times, so He also remembers you in bad times.
Thirty minutes meditation will keep you away from medication.
It is not the God, we are responsible for our miseries.
There is no true peace without God.
You get blessed when you refuse to share your feelings, hurts and complaints with anybody, but God.
A golden secret of having: GIVE
Our ability to think and make choices differentiates us from other creatures. We can choose good over bad, right over wrong.
We need to know that we were created as the best creation, with God Himself breathing into us His spirit.
And our body, mind, heart and soul can be in harmony only if we surrender ourselves to the wishes of God.
True peace is only possible if our body, mind, heart and soul is in harmony.

Leadership and Change

Never mistake power, position or the status based respect with the “true” respect. True respect even stays when everything else is gone.
Be willing to leave “OLD”, to have something “NEW”
Denial and refute of the current is an integral prerequisite to change. La illa ha Illalla (there is no god, but God).
I wonder how could people possibly think out of box”, when they live in a box (apartment) and work in another (office cubicle).
Leaders today are the misleaders. They follow nothing but an opinion, they know nothing but guess.
Leaders corrupt system and then system corrupts everyone.
The reputation of the greatest of people in the world is not dependent on what losers may think of them.
Nations get leaders, they deserve. Better the people, better the leaders.
Change is an inside out phenomenon. Once you change, your world will change.
Change or be ready to be changed. Its an unalterable Law of Nature.
Other traits are important to leadership but in the absence of integrity they just dont go on for long. Anything multiplied with a 0, is 0.
Integrity is the most important trait of Leadership. Without integrity there is neither Leader nor Leadership.
Its very unfortunate that he passed away before writing the 9th Habit.
Leadership is about obligations and not mere privileges….and the one who knows it, will always escape it.
If we focused on developing good servants instead of leaders, we would be much better off……and end up having better leaders, too.
One who cannot serve, cannot and should not be allowed to lead.
A leader has to be a member of the group first, before being chosen to lead the group.
Leaders speak whey they NEED, not when they WANT.
Higher positions bring more responsibility and accountability, not merely more priviliges. An important aspect that is often neglected.
Resistance to Change is natural. Remember that Denial is the first response to Change.
Never ever underestimate the power of “ONE”, either for good or for worse.
Change always starts from within and works its way outside.
Change is inevitable. You can choose however, to either be the champion or the victim of change.
Leadership is about SERVING THE MANKIND. More you serve, better leader you become.
Never underestimate the power each one of us has…the power of change…..change anything…..we are the CEO of our own life.
Nations get the leaders they deserve.
One does not have to be a president to make the difference.
Change is not a choice, WHEN and HOW is!
Change before you must. If you change, when you must, you may not reap the benefits of the change.
The highest price of change is paid by the one, who are most privileged. Don’t’ expect much from them.
People in fact do not dislike Change. They dislike being Changed.
Proactive people, organizations and societies would change, before they have to.
Reactive people and societies change only when the cost of NO Change exceeds the Price of Change.
Your job is to change yourself only, dont worry about others.
People do not hate “change”. They hate “to be changed”.
Every one has to change, some sooner, some later.
People and organizations change when the cost of no change is greater than the price of change.
People resist change because they are ignorant of the cost of no-change.
Be the change to bring change.
Change yourself, and your world will change.
In these times, either we are quick or dead.
Leader’s character is a reflection of its people character. Make a wise choice.
Nations shall have the leaders they deserve.
National character is just a sum of its individuals’ character.
As long as there are ignorant people who could be exploited, there would always be exploiters.
One does not have to be a president to make the difference.

Politics and Governance

No need to destroy a civilization, nation, organization or a family. Just stop people of learning their history and it destroys itself.
Democracy is a form of governance, in which quantity rules, not the quality.
Battles are fought with ideologies not with people.
Media today shapes people preferences, perceptions opinions, and ideals. No one can be truly “free”, without combating these prejudices.
A state with a few rigorously enforced laws is better governed than the the one with several loosely enforced laws.
The modern day slavery is not about controlling people physically, but rather controlling them mentally and emotionally.
Its easy to fool people than to convince them that they are being fooled.
The age of deceit! Where unhealthy food is healthy, nudity is beauty, poverty is riches, disease is health and ignorance sells as education.
Slavery in the Present Times: Work, Buy, Consume and Die.
The Dilemma of Life: 8 Hours work, 8 Hours Rest, and 8 Hours Entertainment…….and the Life Ends.
Words can’t change the world, actions can.
Societies and Nations are reflection of people they are made of. Nation building is futile without developing people.
21st Century Consumerism – Consumption to the level of being consumed.
Capitalism promotes consumerism…..from cradle to grave.
The best of capitalism – Better healthcare but poor health, more educational institutes but higher ignorance, more food but more hunger, more weapons and more wars, more banks and more debt, more free media and lesser truth, and more clergy but weaker faith.
Capitalism gives you enough to stay alive, but not much to be free.
Welcome to a new, strange world, where internet is a basic “right” and portable water is a “privilege”.
Pharaohs as people are long gone, but as a phenomenon, still exist.
Slogans don’t change nations. Character does.
Those in power today throughout the world are powerless. They are slaves, not masters.
Only change of faces will not solve issues, our world is facing. It is the paradigm change that we require.
It is almost impossible for leaders to rebel or change the system which brought them in power.
The world will have peace when we realize that love is more effective than hatred and feeding the enemy is far less expensive than fighting.
Street power is more powerful than democracy. A few hundreds can do what those elected by millions cannot even imagine.
Nothing in this world is ever achieved with hatred. It is the love that wins over the hearts and minds of people and nations.
Freedom without self-control is animal instinct.
Ask yourself if you are truly FREE. No, you are not. There are hiden powers around you who make you do what you do.
Till the beginning of 20th century, those who were slave knew it and fought against it. Today they dont even realize that they are slaves.
Slavery of mind is a bigger vice than slavery of body. Majority of people are in this kind of slavery, today.
He who controls the media, controls the people.
Media is the new kingsmaker…..and the runner up is the private education mafia.
There has been a clear power shift in the past 100 years from clergy to landlords to industrialists and now to media.
The more evil is talked about or seen, the more evil gets attracted. This is a simple Law. Today’s media is doing exactly the same.
Ever wondered what would happen to the modern banking system, if all the depositors asked their money back at the same time!
People who have the money and then lend it to others make more than they spend. Whereas those who borrows spend more than they make.
The new name of capitalism is creditism, I believe. There is no capital left. People spend out of credit.
Instead of people owning money, the money has started owning people. Another gift of capitalism.
The one who lives on others’ money, can never have his own voice.
He is the most powerful, who has nothing to lose.
Capitalism thrives on creating fear of uncertainties and calamities. Take away the fear factor and it will collapse. Faith is the solution.
We are a product of what went on around and inside us and around and inside earlier generations.
Inflation happens when there is more money in the economy than the products.
Increased street crimes, corruption and kidnapping for ransom are natural outcomes of hyper inflation.
Politics and integrity cannot go together.
The major economic issue of today is that people want to consume today of what they may earn tomorrow and guess who takes the advantage. Creditor, the one who consumes less than what he earns.
Mental slavery is the worst form of slavery. It happens when slaves’ minds are in control of masters. So there is no chance for revolt. The whole world is entrapped in mental slavery, today.
Both capitalism and socialism are unnatural. In addition to many vices, both kills motivation for working harder.
In early 20th century, slave nations knew they were slave…so they waged freedom movements and finally got it. Irony is that even today, they are slaves but don’t realize it…and so there is no chance for freedom.
There are about 60 Muslims States today, but no Islamic State.
There are billions of Muslims in the world, but nowhere Islam.
There is nothing wrong with Islam, but almost everything wrong with Muslims, today.
When evolution is curtailed for long, revolution happens.
Democracy, a weapon of rich against poor.
The one who is not alike masses, does not deserve to be their leader.
The rich needs abundant poors ….and they will do anything for making it happen.
The most effective way to avoid war is to stay ready for it.
When independence is restrained through power, it can be restored through power…..but when it’s given up voluntarily, it cant be restored.
Today’s TRUTH is what media believes and shows us to be TRUTH.
Politics is about “Right” and “Left” and not about “Right” and “Wrong”.
The one who controls the media, controls the mind of people.
Character of a person is not determined through votes.
A good politician is a gifted actor.
Democracy is the process where people don’t vote for, but rather against somebody.
Democracy lets you vote the person, you hate least.
Everyone who presents himself for a public office, should automatically be disqualified.
Right and Wrong does not need a show of hands.
Politics is an industry, where masses work for masters free of cost.
There is almost always a trade-off between “principles” and “growth” and capitalist is the one who trades principles for growth.
Nations get leaders they deserve. Be the change to see change.
God is Sovereign or the state. An important question to answer for today’s “so-called” democracies!
It seems that we have not learnt much from the history. Today, many nations have traits that prompted failure of many civilizations.
In democracy, the one who is a master, becomes a slave.
A nation gets the leaders it deserves. Without changing the mindset of masses, changing governments will change nothing, but the faces.
What works for rulers is that people don’t think…..So they do their utmost to not let hem think.
Privileged are almost always averse to Change. Don’t expect much from them.
Fear the person, who has nothing to lose.
We are neither fully dependent nor independent, but interdependent in this world. Whatever we do affects others.
As long as there are ignorant people who could be exploited, there would always be exploiters.