Reward and Career Management: What’s Important and What’s Not?

Faiez Hassan Seyal | March 1996 Background It was the howling of a lonely dog which brought Salman back from the sleep which had engulfed him a few minutes ago. He sat bolt upright and realized that his computer was on and even his cigarette was still burning and piling up a column of ash.[…]

Success Story of Wal-Mart Inc. – A Guideline for Pakistani Businessmen

Faiez Hassan Seyal | Authored in 1991 Introduction[1] This brief article is an extract from my research paper written during my master’s degree in the United States. During my initial research to find a success story, I read in a magazine about the world’s 50 richest people. On that great list, there was a name[…]

Making the World a Better Place – A Single Man’s Dream!

Faiez Hassan Seyal, Co-authored with Umer Raza Bhutta | October 2003 All of the great accomplishments that have ever happened began with a person who had a dream. Somebody rebuffed the nay-sayers and said to them, “This can be done, and I am the one who will do it.” And in many instances they changed[…]

Peace from the Inside Out: Building a Culture of Peace through Character, Public Service, Family and God

Faiez Hassan Seyal | Presented at “Character, Family and Public Service: Building a Culture of Peace” organized by Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace at Lahore, Pakistan from November 24-26, 2000. No matter where you live, every morning newspapers bring several incidences showing the unrest and lack of peace in the society. Incidences of suicides,[…]

Motivating People – The Practice through Ages

Faiez Hassan Seyal | August 2000 In this time of mergers, acquisitions, right-sizing, technology, restructuring, etc.  one of the biggest challenges, corporate leaders are facing is the motivation of their troops i.e. workers, staff and management. According to an estimate, in the past four years only, more than 10000 people were laid off from corporate[…]

A B C of Interpersonal Communication

Faiez Hassan Seyal | October 1996   In the modern world, there is nothing more talked about than communication. Dynamic organizations send their mangers to attend seminars on communications. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, it is one of the most neglected areas. One who can speak, thinks that he is a good communicator. Well, that is not[…]

Need for Change of Attitude of Bureaucrats

Faiez Hassan Seyal | October 1991   Introduction Attitude is the by-product of a long usage. It is, indeed studded with customary coloring. With the passage of time, it has included a sort of sanctity. Thus, attitude, individual or national, possesses a psychological phenomenon. The nomenclature “bureaucracy” presents before a common mind a group of[…]

A Fervent Appeal to the Federal Public Service Commission ot Pakistan – An Open Letter

Faiez Hassan Seyal | March 1990 There are scores and scores of Pakistanis residing in the U.S.A. or Europe. Majority of them are highly educated, aptly qualified and well-versed in Sundry sciences and technologies. They are patriotic and in addition have a desire to serve Pakistan in all sincerity and devotion. Their services can be[…]