February 21, 2017

About Faiez

An economist by education; management consultant by profession, and a renowned executive coach trained in management sciences, psychology and neuroscience, he is one of the world’s foremost experts in applied behavioral sciences, with 30+ years of practical experience in designing interventions to help people, teams, and organizations thrive.

Faiez is a man ahead of his time, living in a world which often fails to understand his wisdom, but decades later, finds itself treading on the same path he chose when it was a road least traveled. He has explored and experimented on a variety of hidden avenues, initially in his personal arena, and then slowly introducing it on a professional front, once that thought transpires into a pillar of his belief. Living a life unlike any other, every moment and minute of Faiez’s life is dedicated to religiously partaking in the constant acquisition of learning and growth. Much like the journey of life itself, Faiez’s journey of wisdom is a fascinating one, whereby he continuously engages in observation of the world around him and aligns that with his deeply rooted behavioral and spiritual guidelines, beautifully combining into a law of Nature which sets the path to yet another branch of growth.

Faiez is not a man of mere words, but one of action behind every single teaching her has ever uttered. Not a single piece of wisdom has he dared to impart on his students unless he himself has embodied that learning into the tiniest nuances of his daily life. Perhaps this sprouts from Faiez’s personal value of integrity that extends far beyond plain honesty, and really into the personification of all truths one believes in, without compromise and question. In today’s time and the world, it seems almost impossible to come across a man so deeply dedicated to the truth, without the greed of fame or money, but for the greater good of those who can benefit from it.

Faiez’s love for learning seems to be inherited from the long line of educationists in his family, who have substantially contributed to their communities in the hopes of improving the lives of others. Much like Faiez, they too, have written profound material on self-development and the understanding of the relationship between man and God. Faiez has continued the legacy, and expanded it to unprecedented levels, by becoming a national and internationally renowned name in the field of personal development according to the Laws of Nature.  A pioneer in Pakistan, Faiez has introduced the nation to a field previously unknown and unexplored, for self-growth and self-learning.

Those close to Faiez pay witness to the exemplary life he has lived, never for himself, and always for the bigger purpose, he was chosen for. Having reached the epitome of worldly success at a fairly young age, Faiez became a role model for the younger generation who dreamed of living the life he got when most people start exploring options. However, that early success has also allowed him to see a perspective very few are fortunate enough to get a glimpse of. It is because of this opportunity, Faiez sees things much differently than the average man, which allows him a clearer view of what truly matters.

Faiez loves to be driven by his own motivation and passion to do better, and be better, every day. And above that, he is not one to shy away from hard work, but instead, gets fuelled by it. If there’s any challenge one finds too difficult for themselves, Faiez is the go-to man for all solutions to it. However, he cherishes his autonomy and doesn’t like waiting around for others to help out. If there’s a job to be done, Faiez is enough to do it.

A man who has seen the good and bad of life, and who has experienced a diversity of hardships and successes with grace, patience, and dignity, Faiez is definitely someone who has lived life to the fullest and is certified to teach the same to others, as well.

Faiez is a graduate of the internationally acclaimed SHRM Program of Harvard Business School and has received his professional training from the world-known NTL Institute, USA, and Tavistock Institute, UK. He is a Certified HSD Consultant AED, USA; a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (FCIPD), UK; and an MA from Pakistan, and another MA in Public Economics from the University of Central Oklahoma, USA.

Faiez’s Life Purpose, Mission, and Values

Faiez believes that the purpose of life is “common” and “same” for each and every one of us, given to us by our Creator, Almighty, i.e. “To enhance the quality of life of our fellow beings”. It is this purpose with which our own “salvation” and “having” are attached. When one enhances the quality of life of others, in return AlMighty enhances one’s own “quality of life”. It is this purpose of life that keeps organizations, societies, and nations going, as clearly stated in the Quran:

“By the declining day. Lo! Man is in state of loss. Save those who believe and do good works, and exorth one another to the truth, exorth one another to endurance.” (Al-Quran 103:1-3)

Faiez’s life mission is “to make a tremendous difference in the lives of people, organizations, and societies, by learning, practicing and teaching the truths of life and assisting them managing the transformation towards a “new” beginning.

Faiez’s 5 most important values are:

  1. Making the Difference
  2. Learning
  3. Living with Laws of Nature
  4. Autonomy
  5. Integrity