February 22, 2017

Leadership Development

Behavior change is critical to instituting a corporate environment that breeds success. Likewise, it is critical that the necessary leadership skills be developed for the successful execution of a corporate strategy. Faiez’s leadership development services lead the pack because they’re customized to the individual. First, he digs into what your leaders do and say and the impact that has on others. Then he employs the proven principles of Applied Behavioral Science to develop their strengths and help them address barriers to success. No process works better to transform how your leaders use their talents and expertise to motivate change and high performance in others. When leaders lead, success follows.


  • Assess and position leadership talent to strengthen the overall organizational competence.
  • Enhance leaders’ self-insights and engage in a dynamic process of building and extending leadership capacity throughout the organization.
  • Tailor a solution specific to your unique strategies, cultures, people and business challenges.
  • Address individual and organizational leadership development needs simultaneously while establishing systematic, integrated leadership development practices within the organization.
  • Develop a unique approach to developing leadership at all levels of your organization.
  • Coach leaders to develop the strategy for organizational change, including such issues as alignment around specific business opportunities, transforming the culture or management climate, focusing on a specific initiative, alignment around the desired future state, the transformation of your business’ strategy, alignment regarding priorities, and the need for more effective execution.