February 22, 2017

Family and Children

The involvement of each and every member of the family is one of the most important ingredients for the success of a man, and this is only possible when the values, priorities and understanding of all concerned are aligned for a higher purpose of the entire family. Parenting, hence, is a subject we pay high regard to and focus on with all our heart and soul, to pave the way for a successful family and a brighter future generally.

Through a diverse range of workshops and seminars such as Managing Generation Y and Z, Parenting for Fast and Furious, Nurturing Future Leaders, Family Videotainment, FunCamps, Heaven on Earth, Positive Living in a Joint Family System and more, we aim to bringing about harmony and unity across generations to reach the pinnacle of positive and happy living. Most common issues nowadays that parents and children face are of communication gaps; generation differences; the growing influence of peers and the media; self-esteem problems; the effects of technology on the younger generation; clean and productive entertainment; mapping out life goals etc. With a team built of diversity in age, experience and expertise, Verita successfully bridges all gaps between different family members to encourage and ensure better relations and better understanding.

All of Faiez Hassan Seyal services in ” Solutions for Individuals” category, are offered through Verita – Art of Living Institute. 
Whereas, Faiez offers his corporate services in “Solutions for Organizations” category through Ace Consulting Group.