February 22, 2017


Success in business depends not on what people know, but on what they can learn. As businesses and markets evolve with extraordinary speed, the knowledge that brought organizations to this point is no longer enough. To keep moving forward, people must embrace learning. Managers who have been given responsibility to develop and sustain organizational long-term competitive edge must discern the concrete significance of new business realities and understand new forms of competition.

To accomplish this, they need access to the most current and advanced thinking and knowledge about the best of the world-class practices. 

Faiez’s training and development work draw heavily on his action research and consulting experience of working with leading national and international organization. His niche over other training firms is to bring his consulting and coaching experience and insights into the learning room.

He prepares managers and leaders for success in the global market by focusing on important strategic issues. He offers a complete range of training and development services to help his diverse clients choosing the one that best suit their need and pocket.


Faiez works with clients in two ways. He creates a completely customized curriculum to meet their specific and targeted needs or he tailors his modular core curriculum to meet their needs, a very cost-effective approach. Either way, our clients will never encounter stale or irrelevant material.

He utilizes the best literature, and case study examples to design programs that exceed every client’s expectations. With his extensive experience, he is able to offer training programs on almost every leadership challenge, organizations face today.

The emphasis in his learning and development work is on the creation of sustainable change in attitude and behaviors of participants that directly leads to sustained improvements in the workplace. To this end, he blends management discipline with behavioral and mind sciences topped with logical doses of spiritualism and faith in our programs to provide a unique flavor.

The resulting programs are extremely powerful as they show people that they can control their development. These programs don’t only provide participants with knowledge, (what to do) and give them skills (how to do it), but also create attitude and energy (want to do) to carry it through. His approach to training is a result of our extensive experience of designing and delivering learning programs and is based on global best practices. It has proved to be instrumental in bringing sustained changes in the attitude of participants.


His flexible learning model expands choice on what, when, where and how people learn. It supports different styles of learning. Selection of an appropriate mix of educational approaches is a function of the types of participants (e.g., senior executives vs. mid-level managers); budget (some cost more than others); the environment of the organization; and the depth of learning desired.

Based on adult learning principles, He uses proven, highly interactive participatory sessions and practical techniques that offer discernable behavioral change that can be implemented/applied immediately in the workplace.

To keep the participants’ interest alive and to avoid monotony and to provide a constantly challenging and innovative knowledge environment to the participants of our programs, he uses a variety of learning tools in training delivery.

Self-assessment inventories and questionnaire, audio-visual aids (such as magi-boards, flipcharts, OHP slides, videos, etc.) brainstorming sessions, lectures/presentations, demonstrations, outdoor teambuilding exercises, business simulations, games, case studies, role-plays, breakout sessions, group discussions and other stimulating adult learning methodologies compliment training material and promote better retention of training content.


Faiez has established his own training center, Verita – Art of Living Institute, in 2010, to provide the same to the common public on professional and personal matters. Verita is built in the pursuit of enhancing positive living in the lives of its participants and to achieve this goal, it conducts a variety of training programs and workshops of different durations on different topics for different groups of people. Practicing a group therapy model, these training programs are designed to provide a safe and secure platform to its participants, allowing them to indulge in activities and discussions where they can be bluntly honest to themselves and to those around them.

Verita conducts nearly 100 programs each year with customized material to suit the needs of the participants and ensure maximum effectiveness for their personal issues and concerns. Focusing on all our service areas, Verita has been a pioneer in this field, has seen an astounding change in the lives of its participants in all areas.