February 22, 2017

Personal Coaching

Faiez Hassan Seyal is a passionate coach who has personally coached thousands of individuals on matters of marriages, relationship, career, business opportunities, entrepreneurship, business revival, personal health, personal development, parenting, psychological trauma, chronic diseases and many more pinching issues of daily life.

These counseling sessions are strictly confidential between the client and the counselor, allowing them to engage in honest conversations surrounding deeper issues which the client has kept buried inside his subconscious which later creep into his conscious life without his intention or will. Such interactions allow the client to enter into a mutual trusting relationship with his coach, therefore, assisting the process of change and growth. The counselor can, henceforth, advise on the best mechanism to deal with the said issue for relief and closure.

Faiez’s outstanding strength of foresight and critical analysis enables him to convert a mere hour long coaching session into a life changing moment for his client by showing a nuanced perspective to his problems and providing solutions which are practical and possible.

All of Faiez Hassan Seyal services in ” Solutions for Individuals” category, are offered through Verita – Life Designing Institute. 
Whereas, Faiez offers his corporate services in “Solutions for Organizations” category through Ace Consulting Group.