February 22, 2017

Executive Advisory

With the growing competition and challenges that businesses and organizations have to face in this fast-paced technological world, they are almost always left dumbfounded with the magnitude of change without having an external source of advisory present to tackle with the issues with grace and wit, ensuring minimal damage and rather, rewarding an edge of the company over the competition.

Faiez Hassan Seyal has played the role of an executive advisor for Chairmen, CEOs, Directors, and the Executive Managers of public and private organizations for decades and made his name for providing creative solution to the challenging issues faced by his clients.

His solid background in business, economics, management and human behavior, along with years of experience of working at all levels of the society gives him an understanding of issues that may occur which no one else can even fathom, allowing Faiez to cut the problems from their roots and gift excellence in return.

Concerns of productivity, brand image, employee satisfaction, work-life balance, team building, negotiations, managing change, business turnarounds, rightsizing, managing team conflict, mission and vision alignment, performance and reward management, are to name a few of the many that Faiez has handled successfully nationally and internationally.

All of Faiez Hassan Seyal services in ” Solutions for Individuals” category, are offered through Verita – Life Designing Institute. 
Whereas, Faiez offers his corporate services in “Solutions for Organizations” category through Ace Consulting Group.