February 22, 2017


Faiez Hassan Seyal has worked as a most sought after consultant since 1995 for the private and public sector to help organizations manage change, improve productivity, build or manage culture, do the strategic planning, increase revenues, build teams, control stressful conditions and, generally, learn how to function for efficiency and effectiveness all around.

These organizations partner with a consultant to learn from his experience, wisdom and insight in order to foresee future potential disturbances and proactively deal with obstacles for a smoothly flowing company. Faiez and his team, under the name of Ace Consulting Group, have worked tirelessly to change the fate of countless businesses and organizations across the board, combining applicable knowledge from all service areas for an outstanding impact on the organization as a whole; the team as a whole; and each involved individual separately.

All of Faiez Hassan Seyal services in ” Solutions for Individuals” category, are offered through Verita – Life Designing Institute. 
Whereas, Faiez offers his corporate services in “Solutions for Organizations” category through Ace Consulting Group.