The Magic of Positive Thinking

Faiez Hassan Seyal | September 1996


I have met thousands of people and thousands and thousands of couples in the last ten years. All these people were unhappy in one way or the other. People belonging to 18 years of age exceeding up to 80 years of age, men, women, married couples, serving and retired, all unsatisfied with life. Some say their country is not worth living in, some complain about he education system. Husband is annoyed with his wife and some complain about the jeering attitude of their in-laws or are tormented by their parents. Some are depressed because of their children and someone is frustrated with his job. Working women have their hearts in their throats while housewives complain of being over worked.

People processing jobs are complaining about their companies, institutions or their bosses. People who are jobless are suffering form frustration. People who have all the comforts of life say that money cannot fortify them against the ill planed polices and economic conditions of the country, on the other hand poor people who have no home or food are miserable. The learned class is fed up with the bitter facts of society and the uneducated do not want to be treated as slaves by the elite. If the parents are living the children do not want to serve them or obey their commands or oblige to their wishes and desires and people who have lost their parents are perpetually sad and unhappy. People who have migrated from their country to other countries chronically complain of too much work and hardships while people who are unable to obtain visa are miserable. Homes filled with servants yet the master is constantly complaining about their inefficiency and their demands. People without servants complain of being caught in the well of work. Married couples are yearning for domestic tranquility whereas teams spend sleepless rights because courtship is out of bounds for them. The unhappy story does not end here instead some people are suffering from debilitating illness, frustration, aggression and depression.

If asked what is bothering these people, a complete register of complaints is laid out before me. If asked why they are unhappy, lo! Every person is a tyrant every thing in this world is wrong only he or she is the poor hurt soul.

In 1996, a research was carried out and the result was that more than 90 percent people were either unhappy or unsatisfied due to some problems. Being a Muslim my first reaction to this situation was why will Allah mistreat His human beings? As the research progressed answers poured in to different questions. Allah says in Surah Asr-Shu’ara’: “And never did We destroy a township but it had its Warner’s. By way of reminder, and We have never been unjust.”

I met some people who did not benefit very much from life yet they were contented but alas! they were very few. The 90 percent people mentioned previously an the 10 percent people mentioned later were different because:

No. 1.  People belonging to the first category blamed circumstances or people for every problem.

No. 2.  According to them every person is a lies or a cheat.

No. 3.  They need not change themselves.

No. 4.  Their behavior is harsh, their language is foul & hard and their hearts harbor hatred for people and times.

No. 5.  Life is hopeless.

Now for the people belonging to the second category:

No. 1.  They fully accept the responsibility of their problems and their draw backs or handicaps.

No. 2.  They appreciate every thing and have a good attitude towards others and treats them well.

No. 3.  They aim for noble things and they believe they can achieve them.

No. 4.  They are gentle towards people, their language is soft and they have a cheerful countenance, their speech is not exaggerated or affected. They are friendly and likeable.

No. 5.  They are full and blooming with hope for a better future.

To sum up the basic and fundamental difference is the thinking and it is this thinking that affects their lives totally.

People of the first category are Negative Thinkers and people of the second category are Positive Thinkers. Now only you can decide whether you are Positive Thinkers or Negative Thinkers. To calculate this question I will help you with some tips.

Take a big white paper and draw a small black dot on it. Ask these people what do they see. They will answer a black dot or the response will be similar. 90 percent people will give the above mentioned answer. Ask them why did they see that small black dot and not the vast white sheet. In their lives also they will drain their energies looking for very small faults in people but will close their eyes to the many good qualities in people and such people do not find time to mend their own lives.

The next test is fill half a glass of water and ask the people what do they see. Their reply will be, “the glass is half empty.” They will not see the half-filled glass. They are those people who do not anticipate their own good qualities nor the good qualities in others, instead they see the bad and weak qualities. They do not see that Allah has blessed them with hands, ears, feet and has made them most supreme creatures because they can think and understand, they are pessimistic tourists throughout their lives, they worry about uncontrollable causes like they are not as god looking as other people are. They worry about not having a car and yet overlook the fact that they own a motorcycle. They become slaves of time instead of becoming masters of time, stress is devouring them that out of 24 hours, the six hours job is not bringing them a hand some pay. They fail to think that the other person is more hardworking or more intelligent than they are. They do not learn to harness the benefits around them. They will remember clearly how much they have been wronged but will not remember how many people have suffered at their hands. They will point out towards other children for their misbehaviour but will never realize how rude and arrogant their own children are. On the road they will shout at other drivers for their bad driving but will never peep into their own disastrous driving habits.

In a traffic jam these people will shout and blow born for 10 minutes behind a jammed can but will never step down from their car to help the driver who is in trouble.

Let me relate a true story to simplify my message. Some time back I attended a wedding, there was a fat, gaudy looking woman, with full make-up who was feeling proud and vain because of her two daughters, exactly like Cinderella’s step mother and her two step sisters. 3 or 4 ladies of similar type were seated near her. Birds of the same feather flock together. For the last 30 minutes they were passing comments on the incoming guests and were sneering and jeering at them. Somebody’s wife was their target, someone was ill dressed and had a terrible colour scene, fun was being targeted at someone’s baldhead, no guest escaped their sarcastic remarks. For some time a smart well dressed, good looking and well-mannered newly wed couple arrived, I could not find any fault in them. Now these ladies started glaring at them in order to find some fault. As time slipped by I could actually see frustration on their faces and this frustration was turning into anger. The couple was greeting people with smiles and hello, hye. The ladies glare was following the couple wherever they went. After 3 minutes of severe struggle they satisfied themselves by commenting on the front two teeth being too big for the lady’s mouth. With this remark they took a long breath of relief and again started hunting for new arriving guests.

The question is we waste our energies and time in finding faults of other people, if we spend 1/4 of that time in finding our own faults and draw backs we will be able to broaden horizons of our lives and we will be able to limit passivity and promote activity. Positive thinking to the proper engine for the soul, it motivates and changes our lives for the better. Positive thinking can up life unhappy moods. To improve your positive thinking your have to start from the inside and work out and believe me positive thinking is a permanent vacation.

Negative thinking blocks our productivity in every sphere. Such people never complete what they start but are experts at criticizing others, you have read the above experience.

Some years back I had gone to America to attend a conference. About 3000 participants from different countries had participated. The conference was being held in the state of Pennsylvania in the city Philadelphia. The conference was arranged in a big hotel and the guests were staying in the same hotel. The hotel had about 50 floors. At the conclusion of the conference, I stepped on to the elevator the next morning to go down to have breakfast. My room was on 300 floor. The elevator was over crowded, many guests were going down to the dining room to have breakfast and many were going to check out of the hotel to catch the morning flight. One gentleman looked worried, he would look at his watch now and then. Every time the elevator stopped at every floor, the gentleman’s worry would increase, anger began to block his power of thinking. Sometimes he would complain about the elevator being too slow, he would blame the hotel management for having few elevators, when there were 16 elevators in the hotel, why did everyone had to go down when he was going down. On inquiring it was learnt that his flight was leaving in one hour and the last shuttle was leaving in 5 minutes and he had to check out of the hotel as well. The chronic complainer complained that the Airline had few flights, the shuttle service should leave after every 1/2 hour. He did not spare anyone from his curse in 3 or 4 minutes of landing of the elevator. He rushed out and pushed his way through the people towards the check out counter. He was further delayed because of the rush at the check out counter. The gentleman started shouting for assistance. The manager came rushing and assisted him in quick check out. At the time of the payment he put his hand in coat pocket and abused in a loud voice, “My purse and my card are in my room!”

There is food for thought here. Attention to detail is the secret of doing your best. Where do we have control over our lives? Details are bridges that bring us closer to our best. The rewards are marvelous. Save time and grief by mastering details. Getting up early in the morning, getting ready on time, keeping all things handy, before leaving the room ensuring that everything is with you, laving the room 10, 15 minutes earlier, there were thousands things this gentleman could do to ensure to catch the flight but his negative thinking compounded performance failure. The fault is not in the stars but in ourselves, negative thinking blocks our productivity in every sphere you will come across many such people in homes, schools, offices. Such people lack time and they create a situation of emergency. This is a typical case of negative thinking.

There are many other questions whose answers will separate positive thinkers from negative thinkers. e.g.

  • If you meet an accident what will you do in the first 60 seconds.
  • If you loose your job without being informed what will you do in your first 10 minutes.
  • If you hear the news that your wife has met an accident what will be the first idea to strike your mind.

Thousands of questions can be made and from their answers or response, it can be easily detected who is a negative thinker & who is a positive thinker. The price that we have to pay for our negative thinking is too high. Research tells us that negative thinking has potential for trouble, it can trigger many explosions, it flatters our dreams, diminishes our lives. It regards life as pointless & hopeless, it forces people to “give up”, yield”, it makes us shrink from life, it makes us stiff & cold, paralyzed hopes, cripples joys, achievements dwindle, confidence vanishes, fear takes its place, a person is undone in its presence. It pushes us into stupidity, belligerence or terror. It stifles the life impulse in us, defeated we take our failed selves into encounter after encounter. Heart diseases, obesity, over eating, bad digestion, back ache, headache, high level of cholesterol, urinary tract infections, depression, anger, hence murder & suicide, all because of negative thinking. It treats life like a slot machine, trying to put in as little as possible. Negative thinking makes us sit at home and lament.

Research reveals 90% people suffering from heart diseases are negative thinkers. 80% people having cancer have negative emotions like anger, worries, fear, they do not unburden their souls with the help of positive thinking. Research revealed that 80% people who had cancer kept saying they would die, died within 6 months.

Because of negative thinking 90% of married couples are not happy with their marriages. Negative thinking helps in building ego, it is a violator of the code, breeds heated opinions, it helps you to waste time and opportunities. Students fail in their exams and their % is 70%. Their life span shortens by 13 years compared to positive thinkers. It affects our immune system therefore diseases attack easily. People often ask if negative thinking is inborn or hereditary. The answer is something like this, every child is born a positive thinker, it is the people or the environment which makes him a negative thinker. It does not mean that we cannot cure it. Research reveals till the age of 9 80% to 85% children loose their self-respect and develop self-doubt.

Till the age of 18 we have the heard the word “No”, 250,000 or more, when the word “Yes” only 4000 times. Because of this negative thinking has developed in our minds. Let me relate an example.

Just think you are sitting in your living-room doing some work, 60 minutes have passed or you are watching TV your child is in that room playing with his toys and enjoying all by himself. You are busy with your work, 15 minutes have passed, the child raises his voice, you immediately ask him to be quiet, don’t make noise. He keeps quiet. After 15 or 20 minutes he again asks for water or milk, you tell him after 10 minutes, when the program finishes. He again keeps quiet. After some time he runs out o patience and you hear of something breaking. You immediately get up and run after the child. You abuse the child or even slap him or her for breaking your wedding crystal.

Just think, the child tried time and again to gain your attention, he must have spent many silent moments, said many pleasing words but you did not appreciate but as soon as he said something against your liking he received a shut-up call. The child did not hear any positive words only negative; don’t do this; no, no! wait for some time, let me watch the TV; Oh! My God; keep quiet; not at all; ohno. When the child grows up listening to negative no’s, he will become a negative thinker. He has learnt that there is no credit for good work but he will be punished for bad work. He will not talk and move in a relaxed manner.

The beauty of it is that we learn negative thinking from people or time, the process of learning is that we can forget negative teachings and remember positive one. To do this we have to remember some rules. Scientists agree that our brain is divided into two parts. One the Right Brain. And the other the Left Brain.

Allah has assigned different tasks for both the brains. The Left-Brain is responsible for Evaluation, judgement, critical analysis and problem identity while the Right Brain performs the task of creativity, innovation, dreaming, and problem solving. People who see the black dot on the paper or people who only count faults in people or only see the negative angle to every work, they are called Left Brain thinkers. These people are the chronic complainers, they can become excellent critical writers. They can evaluate and judge people quite well. These people avoid risks and far from being innovators. There is a big ‘No’ to every thing and every work.

People who see the white paper, half glass full of water, have thousands of creative and innovative solutions. They have a positive attitude towards people and works. Positive thinking is a gift which “in spirits them” it saves them from skepticism, weariness and disinterests. It over comes the apathy, which seizes life. It makes every thing real-joy, tragedy, even death. For them positive thinking is a kindler of life, it is a growing tree, not a statue. They are more interested in solving problems rather than criticizing them and then trying not to repeat these problems. They apologize for their mistakes and believe in forgiving people and forget people’s mistakes. When people cheat them or break their hearts, they try to find some positive angle. These people are called Right Brain thinkers. One group criticizes, the other solves problems, here is a true story to distinguish between the two thinkers.

Last year a married couple came to me. They were totally fed up with each other and they had to have a divorce. They had been married for 25 years and now their children were also adults. When a talked to them, it was discovered that they were not compatible for each other. They were quiet because of the upbringing of the children and faced a situation of helplessness.

But now they could tolerate each other no more. When asked why, the answer was every day fights and sarcastic remarks had made life miserable for both of them. Every word is considered as a personal attack and is answered back with an attach back. In every quarrel stories of parents, brothers and sisters and relatives are related. Saying ranging back to 15–20 years are repeated to degrade each other and fight travels on to no destination. No week passes without large-scale fight and small quarrels and husband and wife abuse each other to their hearts content.

Such a relationship could not continue. Just think, 25 years of married life, there are 52 weeks in every year, every week 2 big fights, which means 2600 times they had fought with each other and many many hours have been spent cursing each other. The hours when summed up amounted to 7000 to 8000 which they wasted in fruitless fights. If only they had spent 5% of this time or even lesser time in trying to solve this problem, their lives would have been changed. But remember problem solving is the work of the Right Brain which we do not use or have completely forgotten that it exists. Here is another true story.

Some years back a city in Canada was hit by a wild storm which up rooted many houses and left people homeless. That very evening a person was going home after work when he saw these hungry people. He stopped, he sad scene touched his heart. The very next minute he thought he should help these people in their time of sorrow & grief. The answer he received from his brain was what can I, a single person do for so many people, this is a job for the Government, it should provide these people with food and shelter.

On thinking this the man lift that storm-ridden place with a heavy heart. After some time another person passed that same place. He worked at a radio station. The situation was so depressive, he had to stop and thought of helping these people. For one second the thought crossed his mind what could he do all alone for so many homeless people but he did not accept defeat. This answer came from his left brain. There must be something he could do. He tried very heard to find a solution but failed but he did not give up thinking. He set off from there but kept thinking in his car. He could not sleep at night and kept thinking what should he do. He carried this problem to his office the next day and related the sad story to his office mates. Suddenly at 3 O’clock in the afternoon he thought of asking his co-workers what should be done, there must be something they could do for those grief stricken people, this means he was pressurizing his Right Brain for a solution. He gathered all the people in one room, after relating the sad story, he insisted that something must be done. Many people answered back that this is a job of these men had to help. “We will not leave this room without solving this problem,” he said. “How can we collect 3 million dollars in 3 hours within 3 days and send it to the needy people?” people in the room talked carelessly after hearing this question. He requested that they all think and who ever comes up with a bright idea, he will note it down on the black board. People again started using their left brain and said nothing could be done. He said, “We have gathered here not to say it cannot be dome but how it can be done.”

After one hour of negative thinking when these people started using their Right Brain, one man came up with an idea. He suggested that they do a Radio Show and collect charity. This was written on the black board. The next man added, it should be a National Show. The third said it cannot be National because they had Radio Stations only in 3 cities, the fourth man said other stations will not help because they are our competitors. The first said, “No negative thinking please!” Someone from the crowd said, the competition is there but this calamity is a National problem, perhaps they may help, there is no harm in trying. Someone shouted, if this was possible we can have a show of 30 minutes. We can collect money from the audience but this is only possible if some celebrity comes to this show and appeals for charity. Someone from the crowd suggested if we call some famous male or female from show biz, they can appeal for charity which is bound to be collected. A negative thinker spoke up that they will demand money for performing, a positive thinker cut his remark short by saying, the actor’s time will be their donations. Within 3 hours their plan was finalized.

Early next morning they rang up different Radio Stations along with this they had prepared the actors to perform, before the evening came all Radio Stations were ready to relay this 30 minute program free of all charges throughout the whole country. The result was they put up a show for 30 minutes and collected 5 million dollars instead of 3 million. So this is the difference between the Left-Brain and the Right Brain. Always remember Allah has assigned this work to the Right Brain, the brain cannot refuse to fulfill it’s task if the holder of that brain keeps his thinking positive. In the same manner every one is aware of the fact that our brain controls our body. This is also a Universal Truth that our right brain controls our left side of the body and our left brain controls our right side of the body. The greatest proof is that if our right side of the brain is hurt, the lift side of the body is paralyzed and if God forbid the lift side of the brain is damaged, the right side of the body is paralyzed.

The brain is a muscle like any other muscle in your body e.g. muscles of the hands and legs. If you are tied to a bed for one month and after one month you are untied and asked to walk. Your legs will not able to lift your body weight because the muscles have become inactive and to reuse them you will have to exercise constantly. In the very same way our Right Brain when not used goes to sleep and you know that the Right Brain produces positive thinking, in other words it is dead or has been slowed down due to inactivity. Keep in mind the Right Brain is controlling our left side of the body and this is where our heart is. If the Right Brain goes to sleep it is very natural the heart will catch many diseases. To keep the heart active and in order we have to work hard to become positive thinker.

I think the answer to your worry is that in our country many many people are suffering from heart diseases, why? Because mostly these people are negative thinkers. This is why our Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Stay away from negative thinking because negative thinking is the greatest disease.”

Now observe, the brain is a hardware. People all over the world have a similar brain size. Even then some people perform great tasks in their lives and some people are total failures. Some animals pocess a large sized brain. Much bigger in size than the human brain, if people with big brains were more intelligent then those animals with large brains would have been more intelligent. But this is not the case because brain alone can do nothing, it is our servant, what we command it will do, the problem is what type of work do we want it to perform. Exactly like a cassette player, even if the cassette is in it, it will not play unless we press the play button. It is your wish, you press the play button, record button, forward or rewind button. Similarly if you own the best and latest computer but if you do not know how to operate it or you do not understand its language, the computer is useless for you.

Keep in mind the inventor of the computer is man, man has taught its principles of operation, in the same manner if you command your brain to think negatively, finding faults in people instead of finding good qualities, not solving the problem but digging out dead bodies from the graves just to reducible other people. Your brain will only obey your commands.

This is the reason, man is the greatest creation from all other creations. Allah has given man the ability to think and learn and to control his emotions which no other creation in this world possesses. This is the only reason Allah ordered the angles to prostrate in front of man. Only man can differentiate between good and bad, he can choose between good and evil. He can do as he wishes as our Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Man can do as he wishes.”

Not only this, all the experiences and all the sad incidents of our lives, we have the ability to respond to them according to our own choices. We have control over our emotions, not being aware of these qualities is another issue and if we are aware of them do we use them or not. All human beings possess these God gifted qualities, it is these qualities which make us superior to other animals and provide us the ability to control other creatures. Now let us hear the language of the brain, how do we converse with it, how does it receive a signal and where and how is all the information stored.

In our brain there are two compartments for storage, one portion is called the conscious mind while the other is called the unconscious mind, exactly like a computer which has a hard disk. In it you can store what ever you like. Then there is the RAM (Random Access Memory) in which what ever command you give to the computer can be stored. Our conscious mind is the hard disk and the unconscious mind is the RAM. All day long what ever we say, see, think, hear is stored in our mind consciously or unconsciously. Now this is how we evaluate, what ever we say, do, believe, see, appreciate knowingly that goes into our conscious mind. If we say, “I am unsuccessful; this world is hopeless, every person is a deceiver, he is too clever”, your mind will record these very words in your conscious mind, which means what ever you think the whole day is being stored in your mind. Now if the thinking is negative or positive you cannot blame anyone because only you are responsible for this action. The choice is yours, you want to fill the hard disc of your brain with positive thinking or negative thinking. By now we know that our brain control our body but we must keep in mind that we program our brain our-self, w are the programmers successes and happiness or failures and drawback, the choice is yours and this programming is done by your thinking, good or bad, the brain considers it a signal and stores it. Our thinking affects every sphere of our life.

At this moment you want to be happy or sad, 100% choice is yours and it does not take hours to develop these emotions, it is a matter of seconds. If you want to feel happy right now, then close your eyes, relax, drop your shoulders, feel your breath going in & out, now slowly, very slowly start thinking about some incident of your life in which you were very happy, that scene is being repeated and you are enjoying it. See what you were doing, which people were present with you, what type of clothes you were wearing, think deep, let details revolve around you, as you start tuning this scene for a clear picture like the TV picture, you will feel the happiness and that condition returning and you will relive that happy moment.

Now start coming back, slowly, very slowly into your present stage, pay attention to your body, the feelings inside your body, on your face, if you have performed this exercise correctly and carefully the very same happiness will exist inside you. If you want to feel sad and unhappy think of some unhappy incident and you will become miserable. This is the wonder of thinking. You will become what you think. What ever happens to us, that does not matter, what matters is what do we think about it, negatively or positively, will you think of the favours people have done for you, think of the blessings of Allah upon you, about the gifts bestowed upon you by nature, think about your own goodness or will you think of people’s misbehaviour, would you like to think of torture bestowed upon you by people, the choice is yours. Similarly do you just see dirt, heaps of litter, crowds, filth around your or would you see the beauty of nature, tunes of birds, fresh early cool morning breeze, the choice is yours.

In this wide world no where will you find a person who posses only good qualities or only bad qualities. Every person at every time is possessed with good and bad qualities, this depends on you what you think. Always remember your thinking will affect your body, your facial expression, your emotions, your work, your relationship, your behaviour, all these attitudes will be governed by your thinking.

If your are satisfied with some performance of yours you will fly around with happiness, there will be a broad smile or your face, you will walk more gracefully, there will be sensation inside your body, the feeling of capturing the whole world in your first will exist, you gait will be straight but if you consider yourself a failure, then you will fee the heaviness of your body, drooped shoulders, walking will be slow, a depressive face, hatred for the society, deep lines on the forehead, blown up nostrils, eyes half open half closed etc, etc.

Every work starts with thinking, our thinking affects our beliefs, with beliefs our values change with values our principles, with principles our character, with character our performance and with performance our lives change. But all starts with thinking.

I meet many people who dislike some person on the other, if you try to reason with them, they will give you a blunt answer e.g. “I can’t help it, the minute that person comes in front me, I feel angry.” Anger will only approach you because you have created a negative thought about him. The brain cannot form ideas on its own, if this was the case then standards would he fixed for beauty and goodness but this is not he case. This is the reason it is said, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” The picture formed in you brain is the picture you want to see, what you want to hear, you hear and relate to other people.

Try to concentrate on what I am saying. The person you dislike, when you met him for the first time you did not dislike him. Then he must have said or done something which displeased you or he must have made some mistake and due to that you started thinking about him in negative terms. Perhaps you in return said something nasty about him e.g. who does he think he is. I can’t stand him etc, etc. perhaps the next time you met him you told your wife or your husband, “I don’t like this person at all!” After some days you might have told your child to tell this person who was calling on the phone, “Daddy is not at home, I can’t tolerate this person. All this information is being stored in your conscious mind because you have ordered it to do so and now you don’t have to do anything. The minute this person steps in front of you, the brain like the computer places all the stored information in front of you. You feel you don’t have to do anything and anger approaches automatically, but remember all this started by thinking. If you want to improve your relationship with this person then you will have to change your thinking otherwise nothing will change. There is a phenomenon is psychology which is called “Pygmalion Effect.” The above text is “Pygmalion Effect.”

In America there is an institute which is constantly engaged in research work, an example of their research is being noted down.

The researchers, many years back, picked the best 20 students and the worst bunch of 20 students, the best 20 students were sent to a class and the teacher was informed of their being extremely poor in their studies and vise versa. The teachers were requested to pay special attention to these students. Time passed on. The teachers of the first group thinking the students to be poor in their studies did not pay any attention to them and their grades started dropping. On the other hand the teachers of the second group, thinking the unintelligent students to be good students, paid attention and treated them special, the result was their grades started improving and slowly slowly the low grade students became the best students in class and the best students became the worst bunch in their studies. Quickly tell me how this happened. Simply by thinking on one line. This is why the Qur’an says, “Only say what is best!” “Good thoughts are a part of worship.” Because all wrongs begin with negative thinking.

How thinking effects our lives you can realize with the help of this true story. A person related his true story by saying, “What ever you are saying about thinking is absolutely correct. My destruction began with thinking.” 15 years ago a person worked in a bank. Life was treating him well. One day he met a friend who had come from Dubai. During the meeting the banker was highly impressed with the things his friend had brought from this foreign land, thinking crept in, “How can I earn so much money?” thought the banker. Suddenly “Mr. Wrong” that is the negative thinking said you work in a bank, you play with money, you can easily do some fraud. Being a banker, he started thinking and after a few months the plan was made and with great tact he embezzled 5 lack Rupees from the bank and life went a head. Because of his honesty he was not blamed and the blame rested on someone else’s shoulders. But for how long, at last he was caught and sent to jail for 10 years. When he came out life had totally changed. His sons had become robbers, the wife had died due to starvation, the daughter fed up with the poor state of affairs had run away with somebody. The man said all this happened because of this filthy thinking, my whole life is ruined, I should never have brought this thought to my mind.

This thinking changes our belief. To see this you will have to go to the zoo. In the zoo see the huge elephant, then look at the chain tied to it’s huge feet. Think why is such a large elephant tied to such a small chain, some times the other end of the chain is not even tied to any object even then the elephant is not visible.

The answer is something like this. If you ask the elephant keeper he will tell you when a baby elephant is born after a few hours a chain is tied to its feet and the next end of the chain is tied to a huge pillar. The baby elephant tries very hard to bunch the chain and join it’s mother but at that particular time the chain is very strong compared to his size and strength, the chain does not break. Day and night the baby tries to break the chain, exhausted it rests then restarts its effort. With the passing of every day the effort lessens, it starts building a belief that the chain is very strong and cannot be broken. This belief becomes stronger with the passing of days while his effort of breaking the chain lessons. The belief has been instilled in the baby elephant from the very first month of its birth that if the chain is tied to his foot he cannot ronand ever since then it does even try to run away. Just think, if the huge elephant tries to break the chain it can even break the pillar. Very often the other end of the chain is not tried to the pillar, only the belief exists inside the elephant’s brain that the chain is tied on it’s foot, therefore it cannot run away.

Many people amongst us are similar in belief of this baby elephant. We must have tied to accomplish some thing in life now and then, if we do not succeed then we develop a negative belief that it cannot be done, therefore we stop trying. We harbour many negative beliefs in our hearts. Beliefs about our own images, personality beliefs, beliefs about what we can do and what we cannot do, belief about what is wrong and what is right, belief about the type of people, belief about the present time, who is good, who is bad, what should be done and what should not be done, there are thousands of beliefs which are related to our performance and are effecting our lives. Beliefs about yourself, circumstantial beliefs, your abilities and capabilities, about your country, about people are positive and provide you energy or are they negative and drain your energy only you know best. Just remember if we do not change our belief with our thinking, not much change will occur in your life.

It is the beliefs of the hearts about which the Qur’an says, (Surah Al-Baqarah) (Verse 7) “Allah has set a seal on their hearts and on their hearing, (i.e. they are closed from accepting Allah’s guidance), and on their eyes there is a covering.” (In verse 10) ” In their hearts is a disease (of doubt and hypocrisy) And Allah has increased their disease. Our Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “There is a piece of meat in our body, if this piece is healthy (spiritually) the whole body is healthy, but if this piece of meat is unhealthy (spiritually) the whole body is unhealthy. Meaning if our beliefs are incorrect our lives have to be miserable. This is what the Qur’an and our Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) have promised. In the treasury house of your soul there are infinitely precious things which may be taken away from you by your negative thinking. Positive thinking generates inner happiness, it can make your worldly life heavenly. From this I remember a story I read in a book many years back. In every Salat a man used to pray to Allah to send him to Heaven. After striving for many years one night in his dream he saw an angel. The angel said to the man if you wish to go to heaven then you will have to fulfil Allah’s command. The person said he would do anything to gain entry into heaven. The angel conveyed the command of Allah that you will never think wrong and when you will not think wrong you will not do wrong, but Allah must also remember this promise to send me to Heaven. The man willingly agreed and from that day onward the man stopped thinking ill of people, things, happenings, he would always try to find something positive in all these things. Life went on, the man made it a point to think positively always. Suddenly the same angel came into his dream one night after one year. The angel asked the man how was life proceeding. The angel had come to give assurance that if he was obeying Allah’s command then Allah will also keep His promise. The man replied; “Allah will also keep His promise, what do you mean, with the help of positive thinking my world has already become my heaven. Always remember this story.