February 22, 2017

Haris Faiez Seyal

Faiez’s elder child, Haris, is 30 years of age. He graduated from LUMS with a degree of BSc. Honors in Social Sciences in 2010 and henceforth, set to make rifts in the world of research by becoming one of Pakistan’s lead health researchers of current times. He drafted and published close to 30 articles in renowned newspapers such as The Express TribuneDAWN and The Nation before choosing to work as a solopreneur to further his research without the limits of social and public media.

With a profound interest in the subjects of Sociology, Psychology, Nutrition, and Religion, Haris has written countless articles binding the latest scientific researches of the fields with knowledge provided to us by religious scriptures well before and is currently working on his second book which he will co-author with his father. Like Faiez, Haris is also known as a man with beliefs years ahead of his time, and his magnificent pieces of writing are the testimony to this statement.

Amongst the issues that he has highlighted, some like insomnia, unnatural pregnancies, aggression, anxiety, marriage and relationships, multi-tasking, widowhood, attraction amongst opposite genders, current social issues and more, have sparked debate and controversy in the literary elite but Haris continues to write passionately and research diligently on topics which intrigue and excite him. He has also contributed substantially to Verita’s research material and facilitated team members in exploring the vast arena of solutions which lie in knowledge of the body, the soul and the world.