February 22, 2017

Faiez’s Siblings

Dr. Afzaal Hussain Seyal (Brother)

Afzaal is the eldest of four brothers and sisters, and is 8 years senior to Faiez. Immersed in the field of IT, Afzal shifted to Brunei in 1990, to pursue his passion for the computer sciences. He is the father of two beautiful children, Taha Afzal and Ibrahim Afzal, who are also settled abroad, Taha with her family in Perth, Australia and Ibrahim with his business in Sydney, Australia. Afazal is currently working as a senior professor and programme leader of Computer Information Systems at Universiti Teknologi Brunei (University of Technology Brunei). Find more about Dr. Afzaal H. Seyal.

Farzana Naeem (Sister)

Farzana is Faiez’s elder sister and 6 years his senior. She is a housewife and married to Air Force Pilot, Naeem Ashraf. Farzana and Naeem have two sons, Aurangzeb Naeem and Jehanzeb Naeem, and 4 grandchildren. They are currently living the dream by enjoying their wonderful family life full of joy and blessings with all the little ones.

Naeem Ashraf, Farzana’s Husband

Farah Shahzad (Sister)

Farah Shahzad is 2 years elder to Faiez and the mother of four lovely young women. Farah’s husband was a business man and an incredible human being with nothing but love and compassion to give to everyone he met. However, unfortunately, Shahzad passed away in December 2013 and left Farah as a grieving, yet strong widow. Since then she has played a crucial role in the nurturing of her girls who are working to becoming great mothers, teachers and doctors in their individual interests and passion.

Shahzad Hussain, Farah’s Husband