February 21, 2017

Faiez’s Marriage

Faiez fell in love with a girl of a Pathan family at the raw age of 16. He wanted to marry her soon, but faced a lot of resistance from his family. After many dramatic turns, Faiez finally succeeded in convincing his parents to solemnize his marriage (nikah). In March 1982, in a simple gathering of 5 people, Faiez’s marriage was solemnized. Both families agreed that both would continue living with their parents and would continue their education. Moreover they agreed for rukhsti after 5 years, provided Faiez completed his MA and became independent in the given timeframe. Both Faiez and his wife Roshina were then 18 plus years old and in third years of their college education. This turned out to be a major life transition for Faiez. He realized the responsibility as well as the moral obligation that he has to both families. He knew that he was “nobody” but he had to be “somebody”. He was extremely obliged to his wife as well as in-laws for trusting him.

In the next five years, while continuing meeting with his wife almost on a daily basis, Faiez completed his Masters in Economics degree, did diploma in hotel management, did another diploma in computer programming, learned the trade of auto electrician and mechanic…and all this while continuing his full-time job at various places. As a result, within five years, Faiez was fully established, had a car of his own, a well-furnished accommodation at his parents’ home, and had saved enough money to support his wife for a year as well his further education in the USA for one year. Faiez was accepted in Master degree programs in Economics in all three American universities, he applied to. Being a country-life lover, he chose Central State University in Oklahoma. Three months before the end of 5-year period, in the month of December, 1986, honoring his commitment, Faiez had his formal wedding celebrations, i.e. “rukhsti” and “walima” and the couple started living together. Right after, Faiez and his wife left for Oklahoma, USA. (for more about Faiez’s work and life in the USA, kindly read Faiez’s Life Story).

Now partner for more than 32 years, both Faiez and Roshina had grown together while steering through many ups and downs of life. Roshina is not only the soul-mate but also fully involved in Faiez’s mission of life. Roshina belongs to an educated family and holds a Masters degree in Islamiyat. She has authored two books on social issues. They are blessed with two children, Haris ad Hanna.

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Download Roshina’s Book in Urdu, “Hum Kaun Hain”

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