February 24, 2017


Life in modern cities tend to be devoid of the collective connectedness associated with the idea of “community”. Community living means being able to live with your friends and likeminded people; participate in meaningful work based on personal interests; have relationships with friends, family and significant others; providing your children peers of similar values, be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy; have opportunities to learn, grow and make informed choices; and carry out responsibilities of citizenship. People who live in community environments, such as our forefathers, have more choices and control over their lives, have more friendships, are engaged in their communities, are safer, and experience greater life satisfaction. Realizing the importance of this, Faiez always dreamt of a community life. Alhumdulillah (by the grace of God) this dream of Faiez was realized in 2013 and Faiez now hosts a community.

Community members are the personification of Faiez’s teachings presented through the institute of Verita and hence, provide a platform for likeminded individuals to indulge in organic living, away from the falsehoods of modernization, whilst benefitting from daily social interactions, open land to play for the children, lawns to inhale the serenity of nature, beautiful houses to make into homes, an education centre to enculturate the youth and organic produce present only steps away.