February 21, 2017

Roshina’s Family

Roshina Amin is a writer and a poet, and with her Masters in Islamic Studies, she focuses her concerns on relating every issue of the nation with faith and religion to give more insights into the problems and provide practical solutions through platforms like Verita. Currently, working on her M.Phil in Iqbaliat, she is a consistent student of the knowledge surrounding her and this drive seems to be inherited as portrayed through the family history. Roshina’s paternal grandfather belonged to Pasroor (India) and his name was Muhammad Amin. He was involved in the field of Law and served as a Barrister in his time. Roshina’s paternal grandmother was Iftikhaar Begum, and as the couple passed away before their son was even a year old. Their son, Sadiq Amin, Roshina’s father was then taken up by his maternal aunts and uncles, and raised by his uncle; Dr. Niaz Ahmed.

roshinas family

Dr. Niaz Ahmed was the first D.Sc.(Doctor of Science) of the subcontinent and was a close associate of Quaid-e-Azam. He, also, actively participated in the Pakistan movement as Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s personal political and science advisor. After the advent of Pakistan in 1947, Dr. Niaz moved to Lahore as Commissioner of Allotment in Punjab. In the same year, he laid the foundation of department of Chemical Technology in Punjab University and worked as the Head of the Department till his retirement. Throughout his life, being a scientist, he persistently worked on a project aimed to extracting iron out of Kalabagh’s iron ore. Successfully completing the goal of attaining the iron, he, unfortunately, however, still failed to get recognition for his marvelous achievement in the field because the government of the time refused to accept it. Nevertheless, in the world of education, he stands high with the gold medal for Chemical Technology still being given, to date, on the name of Dr. Niaz Ahmed.

dr niaz with quaed

Dr. Niaz then became the father-in-law of Sadiq Amin as his eldest daughter married his nephew. Sadiq Amin is a Masters in Economics, Masters in English, and did his LLB from Peshawar University. Gaining his education from elite institutions of the time like Aligarh School, Government College and Punjab University, Sadiq Amin started his career as a lecturer in 1962 and at once was posted as the Vice Principal of Naroval Government College due to his exceptional profile. Sadiq Amin and Asheera Niaz had four children, out of which Roshina stands second in line and carries the legacy of influencing the world through education.

Roshina’s Parents